Harley Medical Group reveals big boobs are out


Released on: December 22, 2008, 4:07 am

Press Release Author: Harley Medical Group

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: The Harley Medical Group has revealed that while breast surgery is proving to be hugely popular, many women are opting for a more natural look than the all-up-front look sported by Page 3 and glamour models

Press Release Body: The Harley Medical Group, the UK's largest cosmetic surgery provider, has revealed that the demand for boob jobs is booming but huge boobs are out.

Nurse counsellors across the Harley Medical Group's 23 UK clinics questioned women who'd recently undergone breast surgery during, page three model, Nicola McClean's tenure on celebrity reality TV show, "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here". Women were asked what they think of Ms. McClean's self proclaimed "lovely jugs" with the majority of those questioned giving the glamour model's chest a firm thumbs down.

Of 121 women questioned, 99 (81%) said that they though her breasts were just too overblown and artificial looking. Instead, the women said they would opt for a more natural look, reflecting the 'less is more' attitude now taken by other celebrities including Jordan and Ulrika Jonsson.

This attitude is backed up by figures from The Harley Medical Group, which show 75% of women who have had a breast enlargement in the last six months opted to go up just one or two cup sizes. The figures from the Harley Medical Group also reveal that boob jobs remain the most popular of all cosmetic surgery procedures, making up 30% of all procedures across its 23 clinics.

Director of the Harley Medical Group, Liz Dale said: "Breast enlargement has always been top of the ops we perform. It's a very personal choice and if a ballooning bust is what Nicola wants then good luck to her. However, over the last five years we've really noticed that huge breasts are out and instead women come to us looking for a natural result, not a 'look at me' statement neckline, which can sometimes cause too much attention.

"In fact, the most popular cup size requested is a C cup and 80% of our patients opt for just a one or two cup size increase. Contrary to popular belief, most cosmetic surgery patients want to fit in - not stand out."

The new breed of breast enlargement patients, keen to keep things in proportion, are plumping for the "lower profile implant" in preference to two other available breast implant shapes - the "round high profile", which produces a more rounded appearance to the upper breast and the "contoured" breast implants, which are designed to reflect the slope of the breast.

Sarah McLaughlin, a Harley Medical Group patient from Leeds, had a breast augmentation, increasing her bust size from 32A to a 32C. She said: "I couldn't stand my flat chest and I'd planned to get a boob job for a while but I was wary of it looking too obvious - particularly as there are lots of men in my line of work. A C cup is perfect for me, giving me a sexy but subtle shape. Now I can dress my boobs up or down, depending on the occasion."

About Harley Medical Group:
The Harley Medical Group is the UK's largest cosmetic surgery provider, performing more procedures and with more clinics than any other cosmetic surgery provider. It has been established for over 25 years and is one of the most highly-regarded Cosmetic Surgery Groups operating in the UK. It has conducted over 400,000 procedures to date.

Web Site: http://www.harleymedical.co.uk/

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