AvaHost Lifetime Commissions Web Hosting Affiliate Program


Released on: January 23, 2009, 7:31 am

Press Release Author: AvaHost.net

Industry: Internet & Online

Press Release Summary: Avahost, a growing web hosting company has added to the number of affiliate programs that will be made available to its affiliates.

Press Release Body: AvaHost.net (http://www.avahost.net) , a web hosting company, has expanded the number of its affiliate programs. This ever-growing hosting company has announced the launch of a new program, a program called “Lifetime Recurring Commissions.” Now Avahost affiliates that draw in a new client can enjoy earning 25% of the new client’s payment for the duration of that client’s hosting account.

By naming the new program “Lifetime Recurring Commissions,” the Avahost executives have shown that their new offering belongs in the directory that is posted on Recurring-Commissions.com. The web site lists all of the affiliate programs that promise residual commissions (also known as lifetime commissions).

Now affiliates of Avahost can expect even greater benefits, whenever they guide a new client into the ever-expanding Avahost network. Now those Avahost affiliates can enjoy more than just a commission on the new client’s initial sale. With the launch of its new program, Avahost has promised to give its affiliates a recurring commission, as long as the new client remains an active Avahost partner.

Each small or medium-sized business that chooses to partner with Avahost joins a reliable member of the Web hosting industry. Avahost has furnished support for Web sites since its founding in 2001. Avahost’s original affiliate program promised a single reward of $50 to $100 for each business that was invited to join the Avahost hosting plan.

Now Avahost has committed to providing its affiliates with more than a one-time award. Now Avahost has told its affiliates that it plans to usher in a series of recurring rewards.
In other words, Avahost has given every business an added reason to examine the company’s Web building options.

Any business that cares to take a second look at the company’s sign-up promotions and marketing options should visit http://www.avahost.net

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