Narconon Holistic Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs in California


Released on: January 29, 2010, 12:50 pm
Author: Narconon Vista Bay
Industry: Healthcare

Narconon Vista Bay works like few other drug and alcohol rehab programs. Its holistic approach to healing both the body and mind combines physical detoxification with cognitive therapy and family participation, all in a peaceful, small-town setting in Placerville, California. The result: a 70 percent success rate after five years. The fixed-cost, flexible-length stay policy allows addicts to recover at their own pace, with no fear of being asked to leave once their insurance runs out. Those with an alcohol and/or drug addiction will find no better way toward a life of sobriety than Narconon Vista Bay.

January, 2010 – When it comes to drug and alcohol rehab, Narconon Vista Bay has a unique approach: physical detoxification combined with cognitive individual and group therapy. Add into the mix family involvement, a relaxing setting in the Sierra Foothills and no fixed length of stay, and it's easy to understand why Narconon Vista Bay has higher success rates than traditional drug and alcohol treatment programs.

The Narconon treatment begins by ridding the addict's body of all drug and alcohol residues. Months or years of abuse can cause a build up of these residues in the body, and even if the addict does not use drugs those residues can enter the blood stream and trigger physical cravings. Daily sauna treatments, exercise and vitamin supplements help to flush the residues from the system, allowing the addict to move onto the next phase of the Narconon holistic drug rehab treatment: cognitive therapy.

Individual and group therapy are a vital part of Narconon holistic drug rehab. Until an addict addresses the behavior and stresses that lead to the addictive lifestyle, he can not heal. Once the addict takes ownership of his mistakes, he then learns new skills that will help him lead a sober life. Shopping trips and hikes in the relaxed setting of small-town Placerville allow the addict to test those skills before returning home. Throughout this phase, the family can play an important part by joining the addict in therapy.

Even after the addict has successfully completed both physical detoxification and the multiple therapeutic steps, there is still work to be done. Counselors at Narconon Vista Bay create a personalized, graduate assurance program that keeps the client and his immediate family in touch with the facility for a full year after graduation. The professional staff at Narconon Vista Bay doesn't want to see all of its – and the addict's – hard work go to waste.

All of the above lead to the high success rates for Narconon holistic drug rehab, as does the fact that there is no time limit set on recovery. One out of seven graduates of Narconon Vista Bay are still sober after five years. Compare that to the 15 to 20 percent success rates touted by traditional, 28-day programs and the choice is clear.

About Narconon VistaBay: Turn to Narconon Vista Bay if you or someone you love needs help beating a drug or alcohol addiction. Its fixed-cost, no limit on length of stay approach has helped thousands of addicts regain their lives and rejoin society. For more information on the Narconon Vista Bay facility, please call 877-604-7257 or visit The high success rates of Narconon holistic drug rehab prove that the program works.