Drug and Alcohol Addiction Destroys Families No Further


Released on: February 22, 2010, 11:37 am
Author: Drug Rehab Services

Industry: Healthcare

Montreal, Quebec, Canada - "It took around 2000 hours to put this data base together," commented Marcel Gemme, the Owner of Drug Rehab Services. The data base he is referring to is the first ever of its kind in Canada . Simply put, it is a one-stop-shop for your entire drug and alcohol treatment needs. "Our directory includes lists of outpatient, detox centers, medical detox locations, assessments, home detox information, residential treatment (free programs included), shelters, aftercare, AA meetings, and NA meetings. All of these services are listed, which you can find easily using the online locator," said Marcel. He went on to say, "there are also specific categories to narrow down your search, such as youth treatment, treatment centers for woman, and centers for men."

With this being one of the most extensive and easy to use data bases ever developed, it truly eliminates the problems of finding the right treatment. Many data bases that are created are sometimes difficult to use and may be incomplete, and in most cases you can't even talk to a real counselor. "Canadians who are looking for the right help can search this directory for options in there own province and city, narrowing the search down to specifically what they need," added Marcel. The internet can, unfortunately, not be user friendly, especially in a crisis situation looking for help. Drug Rehab Services found this to be one of the main problems Canadians were facing. And when it came down to locating help for drug or alcohol addiction, it sometimes was next to impossible to find the right treatment; this now has all changed.

Even if you have trouble using the online directory, there is a short video that will show you how to use it step by step. Drug Rehab Services is in the business of saving lives, and they are dedicated to providing the resources needed to make that possible. For more information, you can visit there website at, http://drugrehab.ca or call 1-877-254-3348

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