Plastic Surgeons Treating More Patients With Disfigurement Caused by Cheap Online Botox


Released on: February 09, 2010, 9:12 am
Author: CosmeticSurgeryGuru
Industry: Healthcare

An alarming number of patients are injecting themselves with Botox injections they buy online to eliminate wrinkles and dark circles. They're saving money, but many of them are ending up disfigured.  

•  Botulinum Toxin-A proteins, a toxic biological weapon better known as Botox, are injected into facial muscles to treat wrinkles and fine lines.

•  Many people purchase this substance over the Internet for a fraction of the price of in-clinic treatments.

•  The inability to identify the substance, its purity, and the dangers of injecting the substance have lead to numerous facial deformities, unintentional paralysis, breathing problems, and even death in addition to other side effects.

Botulinum Toxin-A proteins or Botox are one of the world's most toxic substances, CosmeticSurgeryGuru can report that even this hasn't stopped thousands of patients from purchasing it online and injecting it under their skin.

Commonly known as Botox, this substance is considered safe when used by professionals to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines. The protein goes directly into the muscle where it causes prolonged paralysis, and therefore, prevents the muscle from contracting and forming the line on the outside of the skin.

CosmeticSurgeryGuru notes that in untrained hands, however, the treatment carries an extremely high risk of incorrect placement combined with an increased risk of disfigurement. In fact, plastic surgeons who have performed these procedures for years won't inject themselves because of the danger. Currently cosmetic surgeries such as Transform the largest cosmetic surgery group in the UK state that " Transform's qualified and highly experienced practitioners will ensure that there are no side effects aside from occasional bruising that may occur" taken from their Botox page Surely the extra money is worth the peace of mind.

CosmeticSurgeryGuru notes that Cosmetic surgeons are doing what they can to treat the increasing number of patients entering cosmetic clinics with serious facial disfigurement caused by these cheap alternatives, but in many cases, there isn't much they can do about it.

Blisters, droopiness, and other visual effects can form at the injection site, but because plastic surgeons don't know exactly what they're dealing with or how much of the substance was injected, treatment can be difficult. In many instances, the results can last several years or even be permanent.

And if permanent disfigurement isn't scary enough, plastic surgeons and doctors say it's only a matter of time before these cheap beauty treatments take someone's life. Injecting these substances too close to the eye, for instance, can make someone permanently blind. But, if the toxin gets into the blood stream, it can cause the patient to stop breathing.

So, while the idea of getting five or even ten treatments online for the same price as a single treatment at the local plastic surgery clinic might be tempting, it could be a fatal mistake. This isn't a risk anyone should be willing to take.


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