Hemroids Medication ClearMed Named Editors' Choice For 2009


Released on: April 04, 2010, 6:09 pm
Author: ClearMed / hemroidshemorrhoids.com/
Industry: Healthcare

The editors of Consumer Health Reports named ClearMed as their top pick for 2009 in the category of hemroid treatment medications, marking the third straight year the product has taken first place. After testing over 100 different medications, including some of the top selling and best known national brands, ClearMed’s performance earned it the top spot. Surveys completed by hundreds of customers who had used the medications to relieve the symptoms from their hemroids cemented this showing, with ClearMed customers giving the product a 95.9% approval rating.

April, 2010 - The votes are in and Consumer Health Reports has named ClearMed as the being the top pick for hemroids relief medication for 2009. A number of factors are considered by the organization during the process of picking a recommended product in any category, making the nod from Consumer Health Reports especially meaningful for any manufacturer or pharmaceutical company. The editorial team starts by collecting all of the products available to consumers in a particular category. In the case of hemroids treatment, this involved over 100 of the best known medications, including top selling national brand name products like Zenmed Zero and Avatrol. After comprehensive testing, consumer feedback is also solicited in the form of surveys. Products are then ranked according to key categories: safety, effectiveness, reorder rates, customer service, quality and value.

According to the editors of Consumer Health Reports, ClearMed came out on top when it came to testing and scored a tough to beat 95.9% approval rating on surveys returned by 285 customers who’d used the product. In naming ClearMed as their top pick for 2009, the editors sent a strong message that there is no medication more effective at providing hemroids relief, whether online or in your local drug store. Also noted in the review was the reasonable price of $39.95 for a treatment cycle of ClearMed, which was singled out as being “...a good value for the money when you consider that hemroids typically clear up within a week.” The fact that the producer of ClearMed also backs the product with a 60 day money-back guarantee says a lot about the confidence it has in the product.

While hemorrhoids are unpleasant and hemroids treatments often messy and ineffective, Consumer Health Reports was very positive about what consumers should expect from ClearMed, including a personal endorsement from the organization’s chief editor:

“ClearMed is clearly helping folks with their bout with hemorrhoids. We received the positive feedback from survey reports as well as actual customers from forums that claim their hemorrhoids cleared up within 1 week. Even our very own editor swears by this product.”

Established in 1999 by two medical researchers, the hemorrhoid treatment medication ClearMed is produced in an FDA-certified laboratory. Combining prescription strength ingredients that research has proven to reduce inflammation while soothing tissue, ClearMed has been named the top pick by Consumer Health Reports for three years running, is recommended by Doctors and over 200 Proctologists for hemorrhoids relief and has no known side effects. Available without a prescription for $39.95, ClearMed offers discreet, next day delivery with a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee.

For further information please contact Lawrence Kreger at Advanced Health Consultants, P.O. Box 530007, St. Petersburg, FL, 33747, by e-mail at medsearch205@cs.com, or by phone at 727-328-0859. http://www.hemroidshemorrhoids.com/



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