Drug Rehab in Los Angeles Moves To Holistic Addiction Recovery Programs Success


Released on: May 03, 2010, 11:51 am
Author: Leland Michaels
Industry: Healthcare

California Drug Rehab Treatment Centers are now working hard to develop holistic recovery programs. Many are finding that the Narconon program is the ideal approach to drug rehab. Los Angeles area rehabilitation facilities have seen an increase in prescription drug addictions. Studies have shown that a holistic approach results in higher success rates and ultimate cures of these addictions. The leading Los Angles Drug Rehab centers employ the Narconon program. This method is thorough and holistic in nature.

May, 2010 – California Drug Rehab Treatment Centers are leading the nation in the move toward holistic addiction recovery programs. It has been found that a holistic approach results in an easier and long lasting recovery. One of the favorite and most successful programs used in these progressive centers is the Narconon method of drug rehab. Los Angeles rehabilitation facilities in particular have realized a huge decrease in relapses since instituting this program.

Any holistic program will address all aspects of the individual. This means that the body, mind and spirit are each carefully attended to. The reason this is so important is that in almost every case, by the time an individual seeks help for an addiction, the problem has escalated to a point that every facet of the person’s life is affected in some way. This can be demonstrated by health issues, poor eating and sleeping habits and patterns, lost or troubled relationships, financial issues and even legal matters that are directly or indirectly related to the addiction.

Los Angles drug rehab centers, as well as others across the nation, claim that their clients come to them with broken minds, bodies, and spirits. A holistic approach to drug rehab will work to repair each of these ‘breaks’ in a comprehensive manner. Even a broken spirit can be elevated as an individual progresses through the program and realizes that all is not lost. The Narconon program begins with a detoxification that includes exercise, sauna and vitamins. After detoxification participants in the Narconon program enter into an educational phase. This stage has a focus on teaching self-control and on building self-esteem. These components are vital when working toward a cure for an addiction. Not only will participants have an opportunity to learn about the addiction they suffer with but they will learn about their personal triggers and how to deal with them. The last phase of the Narconon program is the follow up phase. This provides regular contact between the graduate and the facility for an extended period after completion of the in-house program. This helps assist graduates in making a seamless transition back into society.

California drug rehab treatment centers that use the Narconon Program often report success rates as high as 76%. The typical average rate of success is about 20 – 23%. The Narconon Program is one of the leading approaches to holistic drug rehab. Los Angeles is offering more and more facilities that utilize this method. By treating the ‘whole’ person, participants of the program graduate with a feeling of confidence and a new lease on life. Statistics show that Narconon Los Angles drug rehab centers are recognized worldwide for their phenomenal cure rates.

About The Author:
Leland Michaels’ recent report explores the trend of California drug rehab treatment centers to move toward using a holistic approach to rehabilitation. The report provides information about various types of drug rehab. Los Angeles area residents have benefited from the fact that numerous centers there now employ the Narconon Program. This is a method of curing addictions through a holistic approach. It is broken down into a series of steps. Several Los Angles drug rehab centers have reported a decreased relapse rate since instituting this program.

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