Health Insurance Comparison Site Urges Health Providers To Maintain Momentum In Light Of Improving Cancer Survival Rates



Released on: July 13, 2010, 5:58 am
Author: QueryCLick LTD
Industry: Healthcare

Survival rates for some cancers has doubled since the 1970s. Now health and life insurance comparison site,, is calling on health organisations to continue their good work.

Following research by leading organisation Cancer Research UK, it has emerged that survival rates for some cancers including bowel, breast and ovarian have doubled over the past four decades.

Comparisons between survival rates for those with cancer in the 1970s and people with the disease in the late noughties show vast improvements in the number of patients expected live more than ten years with the disease.

Breast and bowel cancer have seen remarkable improvements in survival rates with the number of people living at least ten after diagnosis years jumping from 40% to 77% and 23% to over 50% respectively.

Despite the improvements, health organisations and cancer charities are still calling for more work to be done to improve cancer patients chances of survival.

A spokesperson from joined the calls for further research, with cancer treating drugs high on the agenda:

“It's encouraging to see such a stark improvement in cancer survival rates in such a short space of time.

“As technology improves so does our ability to detect and treat cancer earlier and earlier and this brings with it its own set of problems.

“No longer is cancer treatment about prolonging a patient's life, it's about completely curing the disease altogether so now we must put more and more money and time into crafting and fine tuning a range of drugs and treatments that can be applied to the disease at any stage.”

With so many health organisations calling for even more life prolonging treatments to be made available, the Government's Cancer Reform Strategy will no doubt prove to be a hot topic amongst those in the medical profession and beyond.

With improving health outcomes high on the coaltion's to-do list it is thought that even more money could be ploughed into the prevention and treatment of cancers such as lung, brain and pancreatic cancer which have shown less dramatic survival improvements.

But lengthy clinical trials and a squeezed UK economy mean it still could be some time before many of today's most ground-breaking drugs make it onto the NHS roster whilst private medical care remains one step ahead.

A spokesperson from said:

“Despite the NHS' improvements in cancer care, private medical patients still have the luxury of treatments and drugs that are expensive or hard to come by via the National Health Service.

“Recent debates focussing on the previous Government's refusal to make some of these more costly drugs available has sadly cost lives so having health insurance up your sleeve is always advisable while NHS' cancer care goes under reform.”

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