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Released on: August 26, 2010, 3:33 am
Author: Michael Leland
Industry: Healthcare

For the past 40 years, substance abuse (especially illegal substances) in America has been a thorn in the side of a great country. Gone are the days when your biggest concern was your child being introduced to marijuana. Today’s kids have a veritable buffet of drugs at their disposal, whether it’s cocaine, heroin, or the increasingly popular crystal meth- well known to counselors at a drug rehab Henderson addicts are often sent to. Not to mention the new breed of ‘club drugs’ like MDMA and GHB. These aren’t just drugs for the street, they’re now a residential drug. Addiction program counselors have their hands full dealing with younger and younger addicts coming through their doors, with a greater number of counselors using online resources like the nonprofit Drug-Rehab.org to help direct people to substance addiction facilities.

August 26, 2010 --While still a staggering number, drug fatalities are dwarfed by deaths caused by use (or abuse) of alcohol, emphasizing the need for effective drug rehab. Henderson, NA sees more than it’s fair share of the estimated 80,000 alcohol-related deaths in America every year. Compare that to just under 10,000 drug related fatalities. The question many ask is why so much attention is focused on drug use, when perhaps there may be a greater need for facilities specializing in alcohol rehab. San Jose has implemented a city wide residential drug addiction program, as well as ramped up efforts to offer treatment programs for alcoholics and their families. More urban centers are following their lead, recognizing the fact that the issues surrounding drug and alcohol often go hand in hand. Drugs or alcohol, Drug-rehab.org counselors are there to point addicts and their families in the right direction.

Columbia University reports that 80% of Americans incarcerated are jailed due to crimes involving drugs, whether it’s possession or trafficking. And according to The Economist, the economic cost of America’s drug use is now on the cusp of $100 billion a year. What may be the most frightening statistic is that over 1,000 babies a day born in America are born addicted to crack cocaine, due to their (often teenage) mothers abusing the drug during pregnancy. In addition to this, a further 100,000 babies are in a household where they are exposed to illegal drug use.

Even in middle America, there is a need for treatment programs and facilities specializing in drug rehab. Henderson, Nevada has a population of under 200,000 people, yet over the past 10 years has had a battle with crystal meth and the production labs that come along with the drug. In part due to the accessibility of non-profit referral services offered by companies like Drug-Rehab.org, Henderson and Nevada in general has slowly but surely seen a decline in the amount of people manufacturing and abusing the drug.

About the Author: Michael Leland is a recently retired substance abuse counselor with 20 years experience. Through his own private clinic, A Better Tomorrow, Michael helped establish a residential drug addiction program in Los Angeles, as well as sister locations in San Jose and San Francisco specializing in a holistic approach to alcohol rehab. Based out of Southern California, he has lectured across America on the continuing development of new addiction treatments, their overall success with drug and alcohol dependent individuals and alternative methods for Alcohol Rehab San Jose is also where Michael will start his current speaking tour, acting as an expert panelist at a seminar for the California Association for Alcohol and Drug Educators (CAADE). If you are part of a public or private addictions organization and would like to talk to Michael regarding a speaking engagement, feel free to contact him.

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