Assay-Ready Chemistry Partnership between Enamine and Molplex



Released on: January 24, 2011, 08:28 am
Author: David Leahy
Industry: Biotech, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals

Newcastle, UK and Kiev, Ukraine. January 24th 2010 - Molplex and Enamine today announced a new partnership to offer the Enamine screening collection of 1.8 million stock chemicals through the Molplex online drug design and assay-ready chemical supply services. The agreement is a major step towards eliminating the high start-up costs of drug discovery, bringing sophisticated drug design, compound management and assay-ready chemistry to the world's drug discovery scientists on demand. The agreement adds Molplex online drug design systems to the deep experience in organic chemistry and compound management of Enamine to solve the problem of generating viable chemical leads for novel targets.

Molplex CEO David E. Leahy said: We are very proud to be selected by Enamine as their partner for on demand drug discovery services at a time when major restructuring of the industry is creating new opportunities and new markets for our combined expertise. This agreement marks a step change in the size and scope of our assay-ready chemical supply service and major progress towards our goal of being the world's first choice partner for enabling the long tail of drug discovery

Enamine Chief Marketing and Sales Officer Dr Vladimir Ivanov said We are happy to partner with Molplex and supply our products to the highly integrated drug discovery platform they maintain. In this collaboration we deploy all our discovery resources including the world's biggest screening collection (1.8 million compounds), largest inventory of building blocks (45,000 products), and over 300 chemists at our Kiev's site to assure high cost efficiency and high responsiveness to any follow up chemistry emerging from projects run through Molplex discovery platform.

About Molplex
Molplex was created by David Leahy and Vladimir Sykora to help anyone anywhere in the world invent new medicines. Molplex's ambition is to eliminate the high set up costs of drug discovery providing the sophisticated online drug design systems integrated with assay ready chemical supply and high content screening. CEO David Leahy previously founded Cyprotex PLC, now the world's largest ADME Tox service supplier. The Molplex team offers extensive drug discovery experience and sophisticated software systems for automated drug design. Molplex goal is to enable the long tail of drug discovery to provide the new medicines of tomorrow by eliminating the cost of entry and increasing success rate of drug discovery projects

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About Enamine
Enamine has been established as a provider of research services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry since 1991 and is the world's largest chemistry supplier of innovative compound libraries and building blocks to the pharmaceutical industry.

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Contact Details:

David Leahy, CEO,
Molplex Ltd.
i6 Charlotte Square
Newcastle Upon Tyne
England, NE1 4XF
Tel: US: 1-408-905-2900
Europe : 44-191-211-196

Dr Vladimir Ivanov, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer
23 Alexandra Matrosova Street
01103 Kiev, Ukraine
Tel: +38 044 537 32 18
Fax: +38 044 537 32 53




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