All-In-One Hot Tub And Swim Spa Is Top Of The Range

Released on: August 28, 2012, 7:03 am
Industry: Entertainment

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Splash and Relax are pleased to promote the Canadian Spa St Lawrence deluxe 16 ft Swim Spa Garden Hot Tub as the ultimate in Hot Tubs and exercise pools. This unit allows the user to use the pool as a swimming aid where it is possible to swim against the current and get exercise without actually going forward. At the same time it has all the typical functions of popular hot tubs built into the system. The development of this system can either be counted as the most luxurious of Hot Tubs or how to get a swimming pool into a small space at half the cost. The cost of course is not inexpensive and runs at a little over £16,000 although that may well rise with extras and enhancing its surrounds when fitted into its garden location.

The swim system is one that Splash and Relax is proud to promote in that it uses a 5 swimming jet system in its 5 metre swim chamber that allows the swimming enthusiast to swim for as long as he or she wants in a good lane swim form. The jets are such that they can be used for a range of exercises from simple jogging exercises to a full blown swimming cycle which will test the most serious of swimmers. The digital control system on the flow can be adjusted over the full range and the swimmer can develop a programme according to whatever speed they wish to swim at. The top range will give a water rush of some 3000 litres per minute at the top rate. The water temperature can be set at whatever temperature the person finds comfortable for swimming in or to enjoy as a hot tub.

The pool is also a great garden spa as well as a swimming exercise unit and this is an equally important function, performing better than most hot tubs on the market too. The jets can be arranged in whatever fashion is required and Splash and Relax are pleased to assist in this matter. They have many years of experience at hand and this is invaluable in obtaining the best of all worlds. It is most important that the customer gets his views taken into account but it is vital to use the company's experience to get the ultimate in garden hot tubs.

Splash and Relax make sure that this spa, swim pool and hot tub comes with most of the essential extras that would normally be charged for separately and this includes a full continuous filtration system and a Balboa Ozone system that sanitises the water on a 24 hour basis by the use of Ozone which kills the bacteria without the problems to eyes and nose which Chlorine can give. It has 3 swim jets and 2 river jets as well as 72 stainless steel therapy jets and for an attractive appearance as well as therapy it has 2 waterfalls which are lit by blue LED lights for a good day time or night time appearance.

Splash and Relax count this as a VIP in the world of hot tub products, and for space requirements and versatility this is about as good as it gets.

Contact Details: Splash & Relax,
Oakleigh House,
Hurst Road,
West Sussex,
RH12 2EP,
0845 459 9955


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