24 USA States & 29 USA Cities Score New Traditional Country Star Search Auditions

Released on: September 05, 2012, 6:34 am
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“The Hillbilly Factor” Auditions Tour

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- The next Traditional Country Music Star will be found when The Hillbilly Factor auditions visit one of the 29 USA cities on the tour schedule.

The new online Traditional Country music hub, HillbilliesVille, dedicated to furthering the traditional country music genre, has launched The Hillbilly Factor the new annual star search.

The Hillbilly Factor is looking to find up to ten new amazing, vocalists who will be future stars of the genre, charged with keeping the country sound real & alive.

The Hillbilly Factor'' auditions will be conducted across the USA to select the talent for the search finals that will debut at the second annual HillbilliesVille Country FEST celebration of traditional country music Nashville, Tennessee. June 2013.

Traditional country music needs new stars and we believe they are out there here is America waiting for this opportunity, there is a modern day Merle Haggard, George Jones, Loretta Lynn and even 2013's Hank Williams said Star Search Organizer Kevin Kiepe.

We are finishing in Nashville, but this is about Traditional Country Music, and we are literally searching the entire country, no matter where you live you can get to one of our 29 Auditions.

The auditions will be streamed live, video streamed to the online global HillbilliesVille audience from each audition city.

The Hillbilly Factor'' auditions will take place across 24 states and will visit 29 cities starting in Texas and visiting: Houston-Fort Worth-Amarillo New Mexico Albuquerque Arizona Tucson California Bakersfield-Sacramento Oregon Portland Idaho Boise Utah Salt Lake City Wyoming Cheyenne Colorado Denver Nebraska Omaha Kansas Kansas City Missouri St Louis Kentucky Louisville Illinois Chicago Ohio Cleveland Pennsylvania Pittsburgh New York Saratoga Springs-Manhattan Virginia Richmond North Carolina Greensboro Georgia Atlanta Florida Jacksonville Alabama Montgomery Mississippi Jackson Arkansas Little Rock Tennessee Nashville

The Hillbilly Factor'' auditions will be held to select Finalists who will be invited to take a place in The Hillbilly Factor'' finals to be held from June 5-10, 2013 in Nashville, Tennessee.

This is search is way overdue and a turning point, we will find new stars that sing Traditional Country just like the record companies and Hollywood film producers who launched nationwide searches for marketable country singing stars back in mid to late 1920's did, '' said HillbilliesVille founder, Kevin Kiepe.

Every fan remembers the first time they heard their favorite artist on the radio, it was special and this will be, only it won't be on the radio, it will be live video to the world, added Kiepe.

If you are aged 13 plus and think you have the Hillbilly Factor' then we want to hear you sing.'' The search is open to any vocalist, vocal group or duo 13 years of age and over who has never had Billboard top 40 charting and wants a career in Traditional Country Music.''

The Hillbilly Factor will select up to ten winning artists who will receive a live performance contract as host of their own LIVE Country music reality channel on the HillbilliesVille platform, and other career development, including a 12 month public relations service agreement, recording time and associated career support.

Judging will be by combination of the public everyday country music fans and a judging panel of traditional country music industry achievers.

Mr. Kiepe said, The dates and venues for each audition city will be announced in October & November during a 29 city promotional tour for The Hillbilly Factor.

All other details will be published at www.hillbilliesville.com prior to the commencement of The Hillbilly Factor promotional tour during October 2012. Interested artists can join The Hillbilly Factor Entrants Group on Facebook now. https://www.facebook.com/groups/165977476870789/


HillbilliesVille is an emerging Traditional Country Music force and online social community that will officially launch in early 2013. HillbilliesVille will meets the unmet needs of international traditional country music fans through daily live streaming of events performed exclusively for members at the still to be constructed HillbilliesVille Venue in Nashville Tennessee.

There will be special live events streamed between now and the official launch from special locations around the USA including the 29 city audition tour for The Hillbilly Factor.

HillbilleisVille has completed trial operations since early 2011 and currently has over 23,000 Facebook fans and a weekly online reach of over 170,000 unique individuals. The HillbilliesVille website is currently undergoing the last stages of upgrade ahead of the Official Launch.

When completed, the HillbilliesVille Venue will stream live audio and video 24/7. More details will be released soon about the Venue.

HillbilliesVille members will also have access to an exclusive video channel, news and online forums and the social media network through Facebook and Twitter.

Registration is free and will open in October 2012 www.hillbilliesville.com


Kevin Kiepe
Global Village Entertainment, Inc.
Lebanon, Tennessee
+1 615 879 4634







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