Guitar Guru Shows Guitarists How To Express Emotion In Music

Released on: September 24, 2012, 1:17 pm
Industry: Entertainment

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Tom Hess, pro guitarist and member of Rhapsody Of Fire has completed his online resource designed to show guitar players how to accurately express emotions using their guitar.

One of the most common problems for guitar players is that they practice many hours to improve their technique; only to struggle when it comes to applying these techniques while writing guitar melodies. As a result, they experience a lot of frustration when they cannot use the skills they have learned to express themselves. In response to this, Hess makes the following statement:

“The truth for most guitarists is that they have developed good guitar playing technique, have a lot of passion to express themselves and want to make great music like their favorite musicians. However, most guitarists have several limiting beliefs around what it really takes to accurately express emotion in their guitar playing. For example, they might believe that it is necessary to practice for many hours a day or play fast lead guitar. In reality, playing emotional guitar music is not as hard as you would think.”

He continues:
“All of the best guitar players do not necessarily play fast or practice many hours a day. The reason these guitar players are so good at writing incredible guitar melodies is that they have connected together the notes they play with the emotions they want to express. They have a complete awareness of what notes they should play if they want to express a specific feeling or emotion…BEFORE they even play it. This is not some kind of ‘natural talent’ that only a few special guitar players have; this is something that can be learned and implemented into your guitar playing just like learning scales, chords, arpeggios or any other guitar related skill.”

Additionally, in Hess’ online resource he also discusses his views on the role of music theory for creating guitar music and how most people misunderstand it:

“Most guitarists think of music theory as a bunch of abstract theories about intervals, voice leading or chord functions. Fact is, it is way more fundamental than that. Music theory is about being able to accurately express your thoughts and ideas in music to where anyone who hears it can understand what you mean. This is a crucial understanding to have in general as a musician, and is especially important if you want to be able to write highly expressive guitar melodies.”

The Tom Hess resource for learning to play emotional guitar music can be found on his online musician training website.

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Cary IL 60013


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