Webinar on “Revising Privacy Practices to Meet HIPAA Omnibus Requirement” from MentorHealth

Released on: October 10, 2013, 7:17 am
Industry: Healthcare

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- MentorHealth, a leading provider of online training for the healthcare industry, is organizing a webinar on the topic, Revising Privacy Practices to Meet HIPAA Omnibus Requirement on November 18. Jim Sheldon Dean, founder and director of compliance services at Lewis Creek Systems, LLC, will be the speaker at this session.

This webinar will give an understanding to participants about how make changes in privacy practices in order to be in compliance with HIPAA regulations and avoid penalties.

New changes modifying the HIPAA Privacy and Security Regulations have gone into place to meet the privacy and security mandates within the HITECH Act in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, as implemented in the HIPAA Omnibus Update rule published January 25, 2013.

Healthcare settings that use Electronic Health Records (EHRs) have new obligations to serve individuals as well as manage health information for healthcare professionals. This aspect will be discussed at this session, which will also review the various ways by which patient records can be supplied electronically.

When being audited by the HHS Office of Civil Rights; a new set of policies and evidence need to be produced. The ways of responding to these audit requests will be discussed.

The enforcement rules have changed, with a new four-tier violation schedule with increased minimum and maximum fines, and mandatory fines for willful neglect of compliance that start at $10,000 even if the problem is corrected within 30 days of discovery. Violations that are not promptly corrected carry mandatory minimum fines starting at $50,000 and can reach $1.5 million for any particular violation. And any reports of willful neglect are required to be investigated under the law. Even violations for a reasonable cause or with reasonable diligence taken are subject to penalty.

Previously, the USDHHS was required to audit compliance only in instances where a violation was reported. The law now requires USDHHS to conduct a regular HIPAA compliance audit program. The new audit program is being renewed in 2014, with a new focus based on the experience learned in prior audits. This session will examine these.

When: November 18, 10:00 AM PDT | 01:00 PM EDT

By whom:
Jim Sheldon-Dean, founder and director of compliance services at Lewis Creek Systems, LLC, will conduct the webinar. Sheldon-Dean provides a vast array of consulting services that benefit healthcare firms situated across the nation.
He serves on the HIMSS Information Systems Security Workgroup, the Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange Privacy and Security Workgroup, and co-chairs the WEDI HIPAA Updates sub-workgroup.

For whom:

The webinar will benefit
o Compliance Director
o Privacy Officer
o Security Officer
o Information Systems Manager
o HIPAA Officer
o Chief Information Officer
o Health Information Manager
o Healthcare Counsel/lawyer
o Office Manager

Duration: 90 minutes

To enroll for this webinar, contact
Ph: 800-385-1607
Fax: 302-288-6884

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