Ben Shaw’s Titan Transformation Weight-Loss Curriculum is going National

Released on: May 22, 2015, 3:18 pm (EDT)
Industry: Healthcare

Fort Lauderdale, FL, May 22, 2015 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Ben Shaw’s Titan Transformation Extreme Weight-loss program is now helping people across America who are interested in permanent weight loss.

According to Shaw, knowledge really is power, and people are stuck and struggling because they don’t as yet have the knowledge, support or tools needed to stay motivated.

Shaw explained, “The Project Transformation workshop is the beginning of your journey. This one- day workshop introduces you to the strategies that will permanently remove the pounds, address the mental blocks, skyrocket your self-confidence and restore your health and vitality. During the workshop, we cover the true meaning of obesity and weight gain. We teach future Titans ways to eradicate their unconscious, self-sabotaging habits, and form new life transforming thought patterns. As the ground-breaking documentary “The Secret” demonstrates, our minds and our thoughts are the most powerful tools we have at our disposal to change our lives. Our clients learn that building a foundation for their new body and new life begins with their mindset, thoughts and long-held beliefs about themselves and their ability to affect real change their lives. This is why our program is so powerful…. Our clients are really changing from the inside out…”

Utilizing his copyrighted system, Ben Shaw and his Transformation Specialists assist each future Titan in designing an individualized plan to break free of the self-defeating habits and patterns that have been holding them back.

“The Titan Elite Life Transformation Curriculum is the first of its kind; the key to our holistic and integrative approach to weight loss is supporting our clients in cultivating the right mindset, attitude and mental skills to help them perform their best in every aspect of their lives. This is where the great challenge of turning thoughts, hopes, dreams and desires into concrete actions begins. Mental skills, just like every other life skill, takes repetition, practice, and real-time application to develop. By helping our clients identify and work through limiting beliefs they can break through the mental barriers that have kept them from becoming their best selves. Clients can expect to see a 40-50 pound weight loss within their first 3 months of the program.”

During the Pre-Interview process, Shaw’s Transformation Specialists ensure that each person coming into the program has at least 40 pounds to lose, can perform daily activity and has the commitment, drive and motivation needed to be successful. Once that foundation is there, Shaw believes that their unique curriculum can support and motivate any person truly ready for a life change.

Ben Shaw’s Team will be in Fort Lauderdale on Saturday, May 30 2015, in Tampa on Saturday, June 20 2015, and in Orlando on Saturday, July 25 2015. Until July 31, the cost of the workshop is only $49.95

Call 407-218-6505 to register for the Fort Lauderdale workshop on Saturday, May 30th 2015.

Workshop Highlights:
· A Nutritional Analysis
· The Project Transformation Workbook
· Nutritious Breakfast
· Strategies to Clear Mental Blocks
· Precise Nutrition Plan
· Healthy Mid-morning & Mid-afternoon Snacks
· Techniques to break Self-sabotaging Patterns
· Group Strategy Sessions
· Fat blasting, Copyrighted weekly Workout Routines
· Delicious Lunch
· Professional Photos taken for your personal “before” and “after” Wall of Accomplishment
· Gift bags which include a variety of Healthy product samples
· You’ll meet and become a part of an amazing group of people who will help motivate & inspire you to become the best you

Schedule a Pre-Interview appointment or register for a workshop by calling 407-218-6505.

Contact-Details: Titan Transformation
5401 S. Kirkman Rd. Suite 310
Orlando, FL. 32819

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