New crowdfunding project DreamMe - stay tuned @ night

Released on: August 26, 2015, 8:21 am (EDT)
Industry: Computers

Duisburg, Germany, August 26, 2015 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- DreamMe is the new companion for your smartphone at night. With DreamMe and the associated app you can see the current time and a lot of other information right on the ceiling of your sleeping room.

DreamMe hardware does not require batteries or cumbersome coupling with your iPhone, as the hardware uses a special optical system to show the information right on the ceiling.

DreamMe features a simple and stylish design. It not only fits perfectly to your nightstand, it establishes a perfect symbiosis with your smartphone - real bros & sis.

Compact size and low weight make it a perfect companion on your next trip. It follows you through the night to keep you up to date.

While the phone is charging on the nightstand, DreamMe makes use of it projecting parts of the display on your ceiling. Simply place DreamMe onto the display. The app (available for iOS and Android) ensures the appropriate placement and allows to choose different categories of information to be displayed. The app ensures best focusing and contrast.

The user decides himself whether DreamMe is solely used as "projection alarm clock", or indicates your new mail messages and the weather report. The app also provides help for those who like to count sheep to fall asleep. Thus, DreamMe´s sympathic sheep even convert your smartphone to a sleeping aid.

The core element of DreamMe is a high quality spherical lightweight lens manufactured by a renowned optics company in Germany. The DreamMe housing has a non-slip surface, which prevents scratching of the display, this special material also makes it real lightweight. With its low weight and compactness, it also is an ideal travel companion.

Due to it simple and flexible technology it can be used in a large variety of rooms.

As DreamMe is a purely passive system, without support of electronics part of the display is optically magnified and focused. DreamMe is designed for use in the bedroom and other low light environments.

The project is live at kickstarter:

BlueTrigger Software
Yvonne Joh
Düsseldorfer Landstr. 415
47259 Duisburg

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