Carl Froch the reigning British Super Middleweight Title Holder Endorses the DEEP OSCILLATION PERSONAL SPORTS

Released on: October 5, 2007, 5:10 am

Press Release Author: Mary Fickling

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: Froch gave this endorsement to Julie Sorocyzn, Managing
Director of East Midlands based PhysioPod UK Limited of the DEEP OSCILLATION

Press Release Body: The DEEP OSCILLATION PERSONAL SPORTS machine has been very
beneficial in aiding my recovery from the surgery I had to repair the ligaments in
my right knee earlier this year. Through regular application, it took a lot of the
swelling out of my knee and I feel it has generally speeded up the process of me
getting back into my regular training routine. My specialist, *Dr (Mr.) Derek
Bickerstaff at Thornbury Hospital, Sheffield, has been very impressed with my rate
of recovery. I also find the DEEP OSCILLATION PERSONAL SPORTS very helpful with the
usual aches and pains I suffer when in the gym. It is very convenient as well.
Because it\'s so portable I can take it with me wherever I\'m training, whether in
Nottingham or in camp down in London.

*Dr Derek Bickerstaff is a consultant orthopaedic surgeon, specialising in knee and
ankle surgery and sports injuries and rehabilitation that has operated on several
professional sports people including Darren Gough and Michael Vaughan.

Froch, aged 30 is unbeaten in 21 professional fights and by winning all but 4 of his
fights by knockout he has earned himself the nickname \"the Cobra\". Carl is pleased
to have his DEEP OSCILLATION PERSONAL SPORTS unit to hand in the run up to his next
fight against former WBC World Champion Robin Reid at Nottingham Arena on November

The way in which DEEP OSCILLATION differs from other types of therapy is that it is
based on the effects of creating a safe, low frequency, electrostatic field, deep
within the damaged tissue of the individual, attracting and releasing the tissue
producing a \"kneading\" effect of the area, which triggers a deep resonant vibration
(DEEP OSCILLATION). So rather than vibrating on the surface, specially researched
frequencies (between 5hz and 200Hz) work through the entire depth of tissue layers,
including the connective tissue; penetrating gently and effectively,
dividing/compressing then pumping out the metabolic waste by-products, helping to
clear acute and chronic inflammation, disperse scar tissue, alleviate swellings and
bruising and improving lymph drainage. It is particularly effective on bringing
about a dynamic wound healing after operations, promoting mobility and improving

PhysioPod UK is delighted to receive Carl\'s endorsement of this unique,
cutting-edge, German therapy, which is currently used in some 65 countries
worldwide, including the USA and Russia and is now available in the UK.

The DEEP OSCILLATION PERSONAL SPORTS provides faster regeneration after training,
traumatic injury, damage from overstraining, muscle aches and strains. It also has
the added benefit of being pain free in application, so making it ideal for
immediate injury treatment. (A C Milan uses this therapy).
As it is not a thermal therapy, it is safe too for use on areas with implanted metal
plates. No electrical stimulation is required for effect as the machine is fitted
with an active discharge device. Via different units it is also applied in the
fields of surgery aftercare, e.g. breast cancer, open wounds (ulcers, amputations,
burns), respiratory diseases and aesthetics, pre and post operatively and many
common aesthetic procedures including cellulite.

The DEEP OSCILLATION PERSONAL SPORTS that Carl is endorsing is a portable and
personal unit for individuals with sporting and/or occupational injuries and other
common conditions. It is applied via a one-button system of operation with an
applicator (pre-programmed conditions are on a therapy card ranging from Achilles
Tendonitis, Arthritis, Back Ache, Ligament Ruptures/Tears to Strains/Sprains and
Whiplash) and in some cases can be applied up to three times a day. The therapy can
also be administered as a \"hands-on\" therapy through special gloves from therapist
to client with a special lead. The devices available are the

HIVAMAT 200 (treating a wider variety of conditions and suitable for a clinical
environment where it can be placed as part of a treatment protocol)

The testimonials of many individual and professional users can be read at

MEDICA in November, the world\'s largest medical fair in Dsseldorf, Germany in (Hall
9 stand C25) promoting their range of high-quality products for physical therapy,
based upon their state-of-the-art technology. Their mission is to \"realize
innovative solutions with the objective of perfecting therapeutic work and to
develop new groundbreaking approaches to therapy\"

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Contact Details: 18 Heathcoat Street

Office: 0115 9167 685

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