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Released on: October 11, 2007, 12:12 am

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Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: Backoffice Software is made to make your tasks easier and
your Nursing Agency operation more progressive and productive. It is the Ultimate
Backend Solution for your Nursing Agency Business. The Backoffice Software includes
client setup, employee screening, client /employee matching, keeping track of time
records for employees and organizing the billing system and much more.

Press Release Body: Introducing the newest staffing agency software that has the
primary goal of increasing your nursing agencies or healthcare productivity and
provides your operational demands. The capacity of your enterprise to accommodate a
large number of customers and their needs doesn't matter. Even if you render your
services to multiple states and other taxing jurisdiction, it's no big deal. If you
want a software for your nursing agency or healthcare business which has complete
back office needs but doesn't increase your liabilities and expenses, we assure you
through our experience and services, we'll make you worry-free!

Nursing Agency Backoffice Software Solution is a Backoffice Software modules:
1. Eliminates data entry and possible for errors with complete, integrated front and
back office functionality;
2. With a single point of entry, information will be designated orderly from sales
activities, applicant tracking, job search and placement to managing job orders,
payroll, invoicing, and reporting. This is broad staffing recruiting software.
3. Access to information at your fingertips - all people (with rights you control)
have real time access to the data they need.
4. It could access information to your people you control provided that they have
real time access to the data they need.
Professional Nursing Agency Backoffice 2007 BOOK Edition includes our How to Start a
Nursing Agency and How to Start a Medical Recruiting Firm Premium E-Books.

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