Revolutionary `Spiritual Bottled Water` Quenches Material and Spiritual Thirst Through Prayers and Purified Water

Released on: October 24, 2007, 4:51 am

Press Release Author: Mr. Elicko Taieb/Spiritual Brands, Inc.

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: New Bottled Water Company Launches \"Spiritual Water\" Product
for Believers, and Supports Health, Happiness, and Children\'s Charity.

Press Release Body:
Miami, FL, October 23, 2007 -- Christians, Catholics and water lovers, Spiritual
Brands has heard your prayers, and the answer is on the way to your local store and
a church near you.

In a year when YouTube is being given a run for its money by GodTube - an Internet
video posting site that contends as the up-and-coming and second most popular video
site in the world by specializing in Christian content - Spiritual Brands bottled
water may be the next big thing. Bottled water is already the number two selling
beverage in the USA, and now Spiritual Brands plans to be the number one bottled
water distributor, thanks to hundreds of millions of consumers who are also

The company (, was born as bottled water with spirituality,
positive thinking, prayers, God, and beliefs. You choose which bottle fits your
needs and your feelings, read the prayer, drink the water, believe in God - and in
yourself - and the sky's the limit. The delicious Spiritual Water can meet the
demands of discerning and health-conscious consumers by offering purified water that
also delivers purified thoughts and actions for a totally positive and wholesome

All products feature beautifully rendered artistic labels that depict full-color
images of holy person or symbols, with prayers in English and Spanish and/or
inspirational words and messages. The Spiritual Water comes in 10 different versions
- each with its own uniquely paired message and image. Each time you drink you
benefit from the soothing, appropriate prayers, for added uplifting inspiration.
Consumers who just heard about the Spiritual Water a couple of weeks ago, have
already placed their pre-orders on the web (at, says Mr.
Elicko, founder and chief executive of Spiritual Brands, Inc.

He cites the triple good effects of Spiritual Water, explaining how those who drink
it feel uplifted and think positive, spiritual thoughts, knowing that God is with
them. Second, they stay healthy by drinking more water (8 cups a day is
recommended), and last put not least, they support children in need through the
Spiritual Foundation (

"Along with the Spiritual concept," Mr. Elicko says, "we came up with a way to give
back to children in need, by donating ten cents from each bottle that is sold to
help children all over the world."

Wholesalers seeking salvation from ordinary bottled water products in hopes of
connecting with their retail customers on a higher lever - and for higher profits -
are encouraged to visit the Spiritual Water booth 1409 at the 2007 IFE Food and
Beverage show in Miami Florida on Oct 29-31, 2007. The venue will host the brand's
official debut and launch, with plenty of free samples available to make even
non-believers into believers

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Spiritual Brands, Inc.
Miami, FL, US
Mr. Elicko Taieb

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Contact Details: Spiritual Brands, Inc.
Miami, FL, US
Mr. Elicko Taieb

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