E HealthLine - Hospital Information Management System ISIS(c) - Changing the Face of Healthcare

Released on: November 14, 2007, 11:48 am

Press Release Author: Mary Johnson

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: An Affordable Paperless Hospital Information System- ISIS-
E*HealthLine Will Offer An Application Server Provider To Small And Med- Size
Hospitals To Improve Patient Safety And Financial-Revenue Cycle Management.

Press Release Body: E*HealthLine - Hospital Information Management System ISIS -
Changing the Face of Healthcare

An Affordable Paperless Hospital Information System- ISIS- E*HealthLine Will Offer
An Application Server Provider To Small And Med- Size Hospitals To Improve Patient
Safety And Financial-Revenue Cycle Management.

** For Immediate Release**

Sacramento, California November 8, 2007 -- E*Healthline.com, Inc. today announced
the award-winning ISIS Intergraded Hospital Information Management System will be
offered and distributed to small and med- size hospitals across a wide area network
as an affordable Application Server Provider (ASP) solution. This innovative ASP
model will offer the many healthcare providers who currently cannot afford to
integrate electronic medical records within their facilities. "In today's
challenging healthcare arena we most provide Electronic Health Records and
Information Technology within the means of the healthcare communities. E*
HealthLine fully understands the tremendous financial restraints pertaining to
healthcare services throughout the USA and globally. We must provide affordable IT
solutions to enable hospitals to become compliant within HIPAA\'s rules and
regulations", said, Georgette Smart, E*HealthLine's Chief Executive Officer.
ISIS Enterprise ASPs -- delivers high-end business applications through a menu
driven data repository, containing a comprehensive vault of electronic medial
applications which facilitates an array of medical information, and a personalized
platform for each hospital's requirements, all within an affordable monthly fee.
The ASP model supplies a wide variety of application services directly focused on
the financial management and revenue cycle capabilities of the small/medium-sized
hospitals. This revolutionary system application will provide small/medium-sized
hospitals with improved patient safety and a comprehensive clinical system
containing meaningful Electronic Medical Records (EMR) functionalities. "Healthcare
providers require the connectivity of integrated technology in making informed
decisions concerning their day-to-day health care management; and eliminating
needless errors, while improving the overall quality of care", said Georgette Smart,
E*HealthLine, Chief Executive Officer.

ISIS is fully integrated with E*HealthLine's Physician Practice Management System
and Claims Paying (Managed Care) modules. Hospitals providing outpatient services,
no longer require different systems and platforms for integrated connectivity! The
ISIS platform runs on an ASP environment. This guarantees minimal capital
investment and a significant reduction in downtime due to software updates and
patches. Existing hospital networks and portals generally operate seamlessly within
the ASP environment. HIPAA's extensive security rule requirements make a strong case
for the ASP environment. Every installation and new client receives a
comprehensive certified HIPAA privacy and security audit, gap assessment and
recommendation set for enhanced policies and procedures. ISIS Hospital System is a
comprehensive and cost-effective integrated IT solution providing an environment
for a" Center Of Excellence" for each of its clientele. ISIS Enterprise ASP is
E*HealthLine's latest contribution to small/medium-sized hospitals for affordable
electronic medical records.

About E*HealthLine

The E*HealthLine Enterprise web based solutions represents "state of the art"
electronic clinical, financial and administrative information management tools,
delivering "real-time" information, while optimizing workflow, accelerating
decision-making during vital diagnosis and providing overall improvement for patient
care. The company's business model is comprised of ten (10) main HIPAA complaint
Integrated Healthcare Information Management Systems to include: Integrated VITAL
(PHR), Eprescrib Integrated Prescription Writer with Electronic Medical Records.
Phoenix Integrated Practice Management System with Electronic Medical Records,
Eternity Integrated Health Plan System, Hope Disaster Information Management
System, Enrollment System, Preventive Preventive Care System, ISIS Hospital
Information System, EDIMS Emergency Department Information Management System,
Sphinx Financial Management System, OTIMS Operating Theatre System

The Company\'s business units provide unique solutions that inform, connect and
transform E*HealthLine's award-winning software applications.

To learn more, visit E*Healthline on the Web at http://www.ehealthline.com/
E*Healthline.com, Inc.:

Mary Johnson
VP Public Relations


Web Site: http://www.ehealthline.com/

Contact Details: Mary Johnson
VP Public Relations
Mary.Johnson@ ehealthline.com

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