Parents and Health Experts Trying to Find Ways to Reverse Trend in Childhood Obesity

Released on: November 16, 2007, 9:10 pm

Press Release Author: Andrea Vogt-Palmer,

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: Louisville, KY November 16, 2007--Parents and health experts
alike are looking for new angles to sell a simple and old formula to kids: In order
to maintain a healthy weight, eat right and be active!

Press Release Body: American parents and health experts have come to the realization
that the increase in the number of obese children has become a public health issue.
There are efforts on the way all over the country to draw attention to the problem
and to find creative ways to reverse the trend. According to Andrea Vogt-Palmer of, childhood obesity is not only a physical health issue but has
also a psychological component to it.

\"Studies have shown that obese children are more often subject to teasing, bullying
and other types of abuse and are two to three times more likely to report suicidal
thoughts,\" Vogt-Palmer said.

Parents and experts are hearing the call to action and are searching for ways on how
to help kids to create healthy habits early by getting everybody involved, by making
it a \"family affair,\" by improving school lunches, and by increasing physical
activity during and after school. The \"Fit and Healthy Kids\" section of
\"\" provides various ideas on that subject. is committed to showing how you can transform to a healthy
lifestyle by creating healthy eating habits, increasing physical activity,
de-stressing your life and generally having a more positive mindset.

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