SCP - Stem Cell Panakea provides treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis and Cancer

Released on: November 28, 2007, 9:29 pm

Press Release Author: Stem Cell Panakea

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: Biological solutions for degenerative diseases, bringing in
hope where there is none!

Press Release Body: A new form of regenerative treatment is now available for those
who suffer from conditions beyond the reach of conventional medicine. It is known as
the SCP- Stem Cell Panakea and is the brain child of Dr. Omar Gonzalez.

A significant number of beneficiaries of this revolutionary way of creating new
tissues from adult placentas are strong advocates of the method which Dr. Omar
Gonzalez has developed. Rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and some forms of
cancer are amongst the serious and painful diseases for which mainstream physicians
have no solutions. These conditions detract severely from quality of life and make
even the most mundane activities in to difficult and inconvenient chores. Dr.
Gonzalez has found a way to help many of these kinds of sufferers.

Patients who have benefited from the work of Dr. Gonzalez are euphoric about his
contributions to their lives, some of them feel so blessed by the improvements they
experience on daily bases that they view him in spiritual light. Others have been
able to reduce dependencies on anti-depressants after receiving implants from Dr.
Gonzalez. Most people are able to return to the routines of their normal lives. One
patient of Dr. Gonzalez has even returned to competitive sport at an age of more
than 75 years.

The doctor harvests this material from placentas. Even friends and relatives of
patients treated by Dr. Gonzalez have been amazed in the transformations that he has
achieved through his practice. Some require more than one implant of material from
placentas as well as acupuncture to deal with their illness, discomfort levels and

The method which Dr. Gonzalez follows holds new hope for victims of Alzheimer's,
liver disorders, diabetes and Parkinson's. It can also be use in managing epilepsy,
kidney diseases and disorders of the nervous system. ALS and some pathologies of
blood are also within reach of this kind of regenerative medicine. The method of
implants used by Dr. Gonzalez is economical and can be often completed in about half
an hour. Dr. Gonzalez uses amniotic membrane to collect stem cells. This membrane is
a thin sheet which envelopes the placenta. The cells of this membrane are not
differentiated and can act as starting materials for all kinds of tissues and
organs. Some people are initially hesitant about using placentas in this fashion,
but will be soon convinces of morality, safety and its benefits.

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Livonia, MI- 48152 (USA)
Phone: +1-877-824-2450
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