Vitamark Pre Launch in Australia

Released on: November 28, 2007, 4:12 am

Press Release Author: Vitamarkaustralia

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: Vitamark Pre Launch in Australia

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Press Release Body: Australia (Press Release) -- Vitamark International is about to
release its version of an energy drink called Crave Energy Drink in 40 countries on
December 7th, 2007, with plans to launch in Australia soon. (contact me or sign up
for the FREE website below for more information)

Crave is a healthier alternative to the sugar/caffeine laden canned drinks found on
the market today. Crave Energy Drink is more transportable too. Crave Energy Drink
is a packet of powder you just pour into a bottle of water, shake and drink.

Crave will offer 4-6 hours of sustained energy with no side effects. Crave has a
great taste and some have experienced a diminished appetite by using Crave Energy.

Crave is expected to be a big seller among all age groups because energy drinks are
selling at the pace of 70 Million per day! Energy drinks are becoming a very big
business, but the side effects are not desirable. Vitamark seems to have taken care
of the crash problem with their new drink.

Vitamark International is a solid 5 year old Global company founded by Tom "Big Al"
The Crave Energy Drink is expected to boost sales dramatically for Vitamark and for
the worldwide affiliates. It is also believed that Crave will be a huge draw for
more affiliates to join Vitamark and make their fortunes by marketing Crave

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world in the coming few days.

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Contact Details: 601/34 Marcus Clarke street, 0412383708,

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