Bioplasty Panama and Medical Tourism

Released on: December 31, 2007, 12:38 pm

Press Release Author: andrea

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: Dr. Guido Spadafora today announced to that he would be introducing Bioplasty as part of his
Panama clinics port folio .

Press Release Body: Dr Spadafora said that the procedure will be popular based on
studies found in other countries like Brazil. Due to the fact that it does not make
use of cuts, it doesn\'t need great anesthesia; it allows the patient to return to
his routine immediately after.
Bioplasty is an offshoot of traditional filling techniques, but it goes beyond
filling. While in filling the biomaterial is lodged inside or just under the skin,
in Bioplasty the application is done at much deeper levels, allowing the creation of
shapes and angles.
Dr. Spadafora said that no technique is free of incisions. We only make a tiny hole
with a needle that serves as entry point for microcannulae that will deliver the
biomaterial at the desired depth and location, without harming the tissues.
The biomaterial utilized is composed of PMMA (Polymethylmetacrylate) microspheres.
It does not cause allergies, it does not migrate (it does not move around inside the
body), and it is non-toxic. PPMA and silicone are unrelated. are informed that the traditional surgical technique removes
excesses but does not add beauty. Bioplasty renews and enhances beauty. The
technique can create harmonious lines for those who do not have them, enhance
beauty, recover the contours of an aging face or add to the results of previous
cosmetic surgery. Through bioplasty we can transform a person who is not beautiful
into a beautiful person, and make a beautiful person even more beautiful.
Bioplasty has already been used almost secretly by famous, models, artists, and
people who depend on good looks all over the world. Many international stars are
anonymously having treatment where the procedure exists. Bioplasty is getting more
popular. Not only for famous but also ordinary people long for its benefits and a
revolution in medical aesthetics begins to take place. Arrangements for the entire
Bioplasty procedure including accommodation and transfer can be made through

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Republic of Panama.
Toll Free Number. 800 543 4831
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