Long Life Catalogs - Natural Products and Books

Released on: December 10, 2007, 12:25 pm

Press Release Author: The Long Life Catalog Company

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: The Long Life Catalog Company is turning heads with their new
products and books that are used to support your health. Many of their products are
now offered at a discounted price!

Press Release Body: Long Life Catalogs came up with a new fundraiser/donation to
help the United States Military overseas. They are asking everyone to log into their
website and donate electroblast to the soldiers to help them stay healthy and
hydrated. Long Life Catalog Company has been in business since 1995 providing
quality holistic and alternative health products that are difficult to find.

Their products are considered to have one some of the highest quality in the
industry. Some of their products include flower remedies to herbal elixirs, skin
products, adjunct cancer therapies, supplements for your cat or dog, wine glass
cleaners, talking animal key chains, prostate support, and electrolyte rehydration.
To view a full list of products, visit http://www.longlifecatalogs.com.

Long Life Catalog Company truly believes that knowledge about your health and
conditions should come first in your life. Their website contains many beneficial
articles and books to assist you in finding the right things to help you on your
journey for healthier living.

On the Long Life Catalogs website you can find books and products that may help you
prolong your life. You can also support your country and troops overseas and help
keep them healthy by donating products from the Long Life Catalogs. For more
information on The Long Life Catalog Company, visit http://www.longlifecatalogs.com.

Web Site: http://www.longlifecatalogs.com

Contact Details: www.longlifecatalogs.com

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