Say Goodbye to Winter Blues

Released on: December 19, 2007, 10:18 pm

Press Release Author: Dr. Joseph Mercola

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: You may find it interesting to know that sunlight has an
ancient legacy of healing. Prehistoric tribes and entire civilizations revered and
worshipped the sun for its healing properties. Using light to treat medical
conditions (both physical and mental) came to be known as heliotherapy -thousands of
years ago. This was the precursor to the therapeutic use of full spectrum lights.

Press Release Body: Winter is upon us, and you may well be one of the 25 million
Americans suffering from a condition known as the \"winter blues\". Another 12 million
suffer from a more serious malady known as SAD or seasonal affective disorder.
Although some uninformed people mistakenly believe that SAD is just \"hype\" or
\"pseudo-science\", this potentially disabling disorder was recognized back in 1982 by
the National Institute of Health, which actually coined the term \"seasonal affective
Well, both the \"winter blues\" and SAD have been scientifically correlated to a lack
of sunlight -- and decreased serotonin. (This is why modern antidepressant drugs
called SSRIs -- like Prozac, Paxil and Zoloft - are \"selective serotonin reuptake
Characterized by feelings of sadness and depression, symptoms of these mood
disorders also include irritability, fatigue, excessive eating, food cravings,
oversleeping, social withdrawal and loss of interest in sex. Because symptoms of the
"winter blues" are milder than those of SAD, many people suffer from it and don't
even realize it.
Due to the prevalence of these conditions, full spectrum lighting is vital in the
wintertime to stave off the symptoms of SAD and the \"winter blues\". Naturally
balanced full spectrum light actually \"tricks\" your brain into thinking it is spring
or summer, rather than winter.
In fact, light therapy (now called phototherapy) with full spectrum light
wavelengths has been shown by dozens of clinical studies to be comparable to the
effectiveness of antidepressant drug therapy for mood disorders. In fact, you don\'t
even need to have symptoms of the \"winter blues\" to benefit from full spectrum
Way Healthier Full Spectrum Lights are the Best Bulb at the Best Price: You may have
thought that full spectrum lighting was too expensive. I completely understand. At
first glance, they do seem pretty pricey, and this has been a major drawback for
many people, who were previously unable to afford full spectrum lights in their
So why all this fuss over light bulbs anyway, and what the heck is full spectrum
lighting anyway? You\'ll understand after reading about all the amazing benefits you
will get from these one-of-a-kind full spectrum lights.
Benefits like:
.#Improved mood
.#Enhanced mental awareness, concentration and productivity
.#Superior visual clarity and color perception
.#Better sleep
.#Super-charged immune system
.#More energy
.#Reduced eye strain and fatigue with a glare-free and comfortable reading environment
.#Greater learning ability and intelligence

So, it may surprise you to know that is now able to offer you these full
spectrum light bulbs today for less than what it cost us wholesale just 2 years ago.
Why? Well, my team was able to identify the best source in the world for these
high-quality full spectrum light bulbs -- the largest bulb manufacturer in China.
And we negotiated a super price for you.
Instead of the unhealthy yellow light you, like most people, probably use throughout
your home, I recommend you get the healthy advantage of this Way Healthier full
spectrum lighting. The bulbs offered here replace the standard size bulbs, so you
will be able to replace many of the bulbs in your home if you choose.
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Contact Details: Dr. Joseph Mercola is the founder of , one of the world\'s most visited and
trusted health websites, and publisher of the FREE
, -- your source of natural health information.
Chicago, Illinois

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