Tooth Whitening Product Sellers In Disarray! Who Is Leaking Their Jealously -Guarded Secrets To The Public

Released on: December 27, 2007, 11:34 am

Press Release Author: The Tooth Whitening

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: The tooth whitening industry is abuzz with rumors of
information leaks. Who exactly is this pesky \"Jaslene Thomas\" character who is
single-handedly wrecking havoc to their billion-dollar industry?

Press Release Body: The tooth whitening industry is abuzz with rumors of information
leaks, and scratching their heads over the identity of the lone consumer rights
activist who is single-handedly wrecking havoc to their billion-dollar industry.
Who exactly is this feisty lady who goes by the name of Jaslene Thomas? And how did
she get her hands on the jealously-guarded insider trade secrets of tooth whitening?

Little is known about the mysterious evangelist who is championing for full
disclosure in the cosmetic industry, in particular tooth whitening. She is however
known to be a junior school teacher and a mother of two young children. People who
understand Jaslene well say that her recent stance against the cosmetic tooth
whitening industry is true to her obstinate character, and a testament to her
personal motto of "vanity minus the insanity". After all, the promisers of "bright
smiles and white teeth" are raking into sky-high profits through aggressive
advertising campaigns, often at the expense of their poorly-informed customers.

Jaslene Thomas, for one, is fed up with all the hype and misinformation in the
marketplace. The pint-sized educator and mother-of-two wants to put a stop to all
this nonsense. "Dentists and product sellers shouldn\'t be allowed to get away with
false promises and lies any longer!", Jaslene told a roomful of concerned parents
during a PTA meeting last weekend.

Jaslene\'s palpable anger is understandable in light of what happened to a young boy
from her math class just last month. Little Joe was rushed to A&E by his alert
mother in the middle of the night. The 7-year old was drooling excessively,
vomiting and having terrible diarrhea runs. Joe\'s caregivers couldn\'t find any
reason for his sudden bout of illness. Food poisoning was ruled out as the cause
since they hadn\'t fed him anything out of the ordinary. After performing multiple
tests on the sick boy, doctors at the paediatric clinic delivered a shocking
assessment to his worried parents. No, it wasn\'t stomach virus or the normal flu
bug, or food poisoning. Their precious child was suffering from FLUORIDE POISONING.
The cause was later pinned down to Joe\'s accidental swallowing of toothpaste during
his daily brushing routine. Over a long period of time, the ingested fluoride
accumulated in the child\'s body, and disrupted his internal gastro-intestinal
function, resulting is uncontrolled salivation, vomiting and diarrhea.

Imagine battling for life and death because of a beautifully-packaged colorful kiddy
toothpaste in yummy strawberry flavor! (Fortunately, little Joe was able to recover
from that scary episode, given the immediate medical attention.) But thousands of
toothpaste manufacturers are still getting away with inadequate warnings and usage
instructions on their product labels. The law is lax on this requirement, and
profit-minded marketers are doing just the bare minimal to educate their consumers
about responsible use of their seemingly harmless products.

And don\'t even get Jaslene started on the multitude of tooth whitening solutions
targeted at adults with spending power. "Many of these tooth whitening gels,
toothpastes, stick-on strips and impressive-looking laser-activation dental
machinery actually work? Customers who buy into the promise of quick and easy teeth
whitening are in for a nasty surprise. Statistics show that many of these products
have little or no whitening effect, and may instead cause painful tooth
sensitivity!", Jaslene revealed to her attentive audience at the PTA meeting.

Some of the inquisitive kids in her school are even contemplating cosmetic whitening
procedures after being bombarded by media images of their glamorous Hollywood teen
idols. These kids risk losing their pocket money and their health if they choose
the wrong whitening products. And Teacher Jaslene is adamant to put a stop to this
dangerous fashion trend.

Jaslene has been diligently researching the hard facts of tooth whitening, through
medical journals and other trusted publications. She also keeps a watchful eye for
news and happenings in this billion-dollar industry, including product recalls,
lawsuits and insider trade forums. She discusses these information and insights
with the gregarious kids in her class, and teaches them how to make informed buying

Although her initial motivation came from wanting to educate the kids in her own
school, many people have been asking Jaslene to share her knowledge with the public
at large. Indeed, urbanites like us are bombarded with savvy marketing messages
everywhere we go, encouraging us to part with our hard-earned money in exchange for
a beautiful bright smile. Some products are indeed effective, while many others
offer more hype than substance. How can we expect the average consumer to correctly
discern the gems from the fluff?

So it is indeed good news for everyone that Jaslene Thomas has agreed to use the
internet as a platform to reach other interested consumers, through her website at Everyone\'s invited to the official launch of her online
community, where she exposes the "hush-hush" secrets of tooth whitening to the
general public.

Membership is immediate and free to everyone during the launch party, and for a
limited period, Jaslene is even throwing in a value-packed Tooth Whitening Report
worth $37.00, absolutely free! That\'s great news for consumers!

Individuals who are interested in protecting their health and wallets from
unscrupulous "bright smile" promoters can now gain access to unbiased information at Rush on over to register now!

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Contact Details: 4301 Rickenbacher Causeway
Miami, FL 33149

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