You can get freed from Eye glasses for just 600$ US in India

Released on: December 7, 2007, 3:06 am

Press Release Author: Dheeraj Bojwani

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: This article is an attempt to inform international patients
about the affordable eye surgery facilities available in India.

Press Release Body: Hello to all dear friends,

Its Dr. Dheeraj Bhojwani here again I would
like to discuss about lasik surgery
facilities at hospitals of India in this
edition.First let us know what is a lasik

Defination of lasik surgery:

In a common language lasik surgery can be defined as the use of laser rays to
improve the refractiveness of the cornea of the eye so that one can get a healthy
eye vision.

When to be taken:

Persons who are not able to see nearer objects or those who are not able to view
distant objects and even those persons who are suffering from astigmatism or
nightblindness problem are the ideal candidates for a lasik surgery, as regarding
age a person should not be under 18 years of age during the surgery.

Precautions before lasik surgery:

1) If any person is using soft contact lens then he should avoid using them for 2
weeks before the surgery this is done to restore the orignal shape of cornea before
the surgery.

2) The patient should avoid using creams and face lotions one day before the surgery
to protect the eye region.

3) If the patient is using hard contact lens then he is advised to stop using them
before 5-6 weeks before the surgery.

4) One should avoid stress over the eyes by watching television, playing video games
and working on the computer for prolonged hours.

Precautions after lasik surgery:

1) Avoid exposing the eyes to intense sun light.

2) Protect your eyes from coming in contact with water from a shower, better avoid
a shower bath for some days after the surgery, this is to be done for avoiding
infection to the eyes through the non sterile drops of water.

3) As already recommended before one should provide rest to the eyes by avoiding
watching T.V, playing video games and working on computer for prolonged hours for
1-2 weeks after the lasik surgery.

Manifestation of results after surgery:

The patient will very soon experience the restoration of a 20/20 standard and normal
eye vision on the same day after taking the surgery, some patients will see the
results even on the next day after the surgery. But if the surgery is done by an
experienced and efficient surgeon then one is sure to get the desired benefit very
soon. But a person should also discuss about the risks of lasik surgery with his
doctor before undertaking the procedure.

Scope of Lasik surgery in India:

As I have already declared that my aim is to make the international patients aware
of the health and medical facilities available in India at affordable and less
prices I want to discuss about the hospitals of India providing lasik surgery at
reasonable rates along with the best lodging and health care facilities. The best
places for under taking a lasik surgery in india are the cities of mumbai and
bangalore. The hospitals here are providing lasik treatment nearly at an affordable
cost of 600$ U.S, the price may vary by 5 to 10$ according to the number of
facilities and the quality of lodging arrangments for international patients but it
is evident that these hospitals are providing the best medical treatment through
well trained and efficient surgeons, many hospitals have a special department
devoted to serve international patients, the associates of this department make
registratons to abroad patients for a surgery or medical treatment, they also
execute their duties of picking the patients coming to india, at the airport, they
readily make all the arrangements for a comfortable lodging in the hospital premises
or a 5***** hotel according the choice of an international patient. The medical
staff of these indian hospitals is cordial, entertaining, friendly and completely
aware about the needs of a person coming to the institution for a treatment. After
the patient has completed his/her surgery the medical staff makes all the
arrangements of the return journey and its members themselves go to drop the patient
to the airport. All kinds of required articles of daily life are available at the
shopping malls situated near these hospitals. Food provided at the hospitals is
completely hygenic and tasty, how ever if any patient desires to eat some food stuff
of his choice then it could be easily arranged from the restaurants nearby or at the
pantry of the hospital. Special low price health packages are provided to
international patients.

All those readers who haven\'t read my previous blog can visit my medical blog page

Thank you
With best regards,

Dr.Dheeraj Bojwani

Health consultant

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