Breakthrough Breast Cancer Therapy from Europe

Released on: January 30, 2008, 8:13 am

Press Release Author: Julia Dwyer Ph.D.

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: The Foundation of Women for Breast Cancer Truth opens a
website on the latest advances in breast cancer treatment

Press Release Body: The European oncological community is in an uproar. One of their
senior members from Italy, Fabrizio Taliano MD, Ph.D.,
is introducing ideas about breast cancer treatment that contradict everything taught
in medical schools. Dr. Taliano analyzes
the standard treatment protocols, and comes to the conclusion that they are nothing
but instruments for corporate profit.
He finds the policy governing oncological practice \"brilliant, profitable, and
ruthless\" . Not surprisingly, his views are becoming
the center of a fast spreading global medical controversy.

What separates Dr. Taliano from former critics of oncology is that he has developed
a number of benign, non-toxic,
and highly effective therapeutic methods for dealing with breast cancer. His
treatments seem to work, without causing any harmful side effects.
They are also inexpensive and simple. The old conventional argument, \"yes, we know
that the treatment is toxic, but it is still the only one available\" doesn\'t hold
anymore. The Taliano protocols are not only available, they are more effective than
the standard ones, and completely benign.

The well-known cancer support group, Women for Breast Cancer Truth, dedicates a
whole new website to Dr. Taliano\'s lectures, papers
and treatment protocols. The website can be found at .
According to the group\'s director, Julia Dwyer Ph. D.,
\"it is time for women to wake up from this nightmare, and take control of our
health\" .

For more information, contact Dr. Julia Dwyer at, or
visit .

Web Site:

Contact Details:
David Hunter, manager

108 Clement Street
Portland, Oregon 97272

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