Control Lupus Symptoms, Lead a Full Life

Released on: January 18, 2008, 12:08 am

Press Release Author: Mitamins

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary:

Sunnyvale, California - At Mitamins, a new supplement formula targeted at
Lupus from Dr. Balch has been launched. This natural lupus treatment formula is
designed to control the symptoms of lupus as well as promote overall health.
Botanicals, such as ginger, having strong anti-inflammatory properties are included.
The supplement also contains a mix of essential nutrients which can improve overall

Press Release Body:

Lupus is undoubtedly a potentially serious illness. However,
it is important to recognize that most patients with lupus lead full, active,
healthy lives. Periodic increases in disease activity can usually be managed by
varying treatment. Taking DHEA daily can help to reduce disease activity and
mitigate muscle aches and oral ulcers. Ginger helps indirectly to relieve pain by
reducing inflammation and by lowering the body\'s level of natural pain-causing

People with lupus are at increased risk of infections, especially if they are
taking corticosteroids or immunosuppressive medications. Flaxseed contains omega - 3
fatty acids which can decrease lupus-induced inflammation, and is important in
supporting the natural treatment of lupus.

DHEA seems to improve bone mineral density in Lupus patients being treated with
high dose corticosteroids.. A Complete Multivitamin Mix including antioxidants helps
to improve overall health.

About Mitamins

Mitamins (my-vitamins "made just for me")
develops, manufactures and markets condition-specific supplements. It operates an
online platform to provide made-on-demand products directly to consumers. Mitamins
eliminates the hassle of too many bottles and capsules, the risk of drug-supplement
interactions, and the uncertainty of what supplements to take. With the world's
largest collection of condition-specific supplement formulas, Mitamins will combine
all your supplement needs into 1 formula, 1 bottle, 1 dosage, and fewer capsules.

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L Kulla
1394 Borregas Avenue
Sunnyvale California 94089
408 - 744 - 1070

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