Astonishing Results Continue as Excel Treatment Expands Worldwide

Released on: February 15, 2008, 2:18 pm

Press Release Author: Tamea Sisco / Excel Treatment Program

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: Treatment of substance abuse by Excel Treatment has been
overwhelmingly successful.

Press Release Body: Excel Treatment Program, located in Denver, Colorado, continues
to impress both clients and others involved with the treatment of substance abuse.
The treatment, known as Third Generation Genetic Repair System, or TGGRS for short,
has been generating a greater that 80% success rate for clients of Excel. The
treatment focuses on an obscure brain cell receptor found in the human brain which
are a subclass of the super family of receptors called G-protein coupled receptors,
which are made from amino acids.
Tamea Sisco is both the discoverer of the transport mechanism for administering
amino acid anti-craving I.V. treatments, as well as the patent holder. "The specific
receptor in question which is damaged in addiction is made up of 466 amino acids and
found on the surface of only one in a million brain cells." Explains Sisco, "By
administering the correct peptides and amino acids, in the correct proportion to
repair this receptor, we are able to control addiction cravings."
Excel Treatment, as well as an exponentially growing number of substance abuse
treatment facilities throughout the world, is certain that successful addiction
rehabilitation hinges on direct neurobiological treatment of addiction. Excel
Treatment is now expanding worldwide through the process of issuing licensing
agreements to clinics as passionate about recovery as they are. They can be
contacted directly for any licensing information.

Web Site:

Contact Details: Excel Treatment
1660 S. Albion St. Ste. 420
Denver, Co. 80222
Ph. (303) 782-0599
Fax (303) 782-9062

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