Released on: February 6, 2008, 2:10 pm

Press Release Author: Narconon Arrowhead

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: As far back as the Nixon Administration, the U.S. government
decided to attack the American drug problem at the source end of the supply channel.

Press Release Body: As far back as the Nixon Administration, the U.S. government
decided to attack the American drug problem at the source end of the supply channel.
Every Administration since has carried forward the same banner: eradicate drug
production, seize drugs on their way into the country, extradite and prosecute drug

Add to the costs of these measures the additional expense of drug abuse treatment
and prevention, and you're looking at more than $60 billion spent since 2001, in
federal dollars alone. In a business run on principles of accountability, one would
expect that $60 billion would buy a greatly improved situation at home. But the U.S.
government's own statistics do not bear out this result.

Since 2001, the number of people abusing illicit drugs has jumped from 15 million to
more than 20 million in 2006. And while, in the last several years nearly $5 billion
was devoted to reducing the Colombian coca crop - the source of much of this
country's cocaine - the supply has, by all reports, remained steady. The Office of
National Drug Control Policy's statistics show that price for a gram of cocaine has
dropped from $450 in the early 1980s to $135 in 2007.

Meanwhile, the number of cocaine users has stayed steady. Between five and a half
and six million Americans use cocaine each year. Close to a million new people are
intiated into using the drug each year.

"You can spend all you want on eradication and seizures of shipment without reducing
drug use," stated Ryan Thorpe, Director of Admissions at Narconon Arrowhead, one of
the country's leading drug education and rehabilitation centers, located in
Canadian, Oklahoma. "Without highly effective treatment programs to help people
leave their addictions behind for good, high demand will always create a hot market
for illicit drugs.

"Substance abuse rehabilitation programs must eliminate the cravings, guilt and
depression suffered by every addicted person for lasting recovery to occur," Mr.
Thorpe added. "Masking problems with further drugs or substituting one addictive
substance for another will not result in the addict learning to live a drug-free
life. We work with our clients for a period lasting three to four months, on
average. As a result, seven out of ten of our graduates graduate from our drug-free
program and go on to enjoy a life free from substance abuse."

For more information on the rehabilitation and educational services of Narconon
Arrowhead, call 1-800-468-6933 today or visit the website The
Narconon program was founded in 1966 by William Benitez in Arizona State Prison, and
is based on the humanitarian works of L. Ron Hubbard. In more than 120 centers
around the world, Narconon programs restore drug and alcohol abusers and addicts to
a clean and sober lifestyle.

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