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Released on: February 1, 2008, 8:02 am

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Press Release Summary: Fitness Boot Camp for health and weight loss is for all ages
in Chandler Arizona

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Fitness Boot Camps are all the rage these days. Did you know these exercise class
aren't just for the young and ultra-fit? East Valley Boot Camp in Chandler, Arizona
caters to all ages and all fitness levels. In fact, some of the best results come
to those oldest participants in the group!

Chandler, Arizona (January 30, 2008)

Fitness Boot Camps are the latest phenomenon in the modern world of health-conscious
folks. Many people nowadays prefer to go to fitness boot camps rather than to gyms.
The reason? Boot Camps offer power-filled, calorie-blasting workouts that take
just an hour, which is perfect for today's time-strapped executive to the busy
Soccer Mom to the retired busy-bee. You can't beat the change of workout scenery
and fresh, crisp outdoor air!

East Valley Boot Camp in Chandler offers a unique approach to exercise. "Our
philosophy blends supervised fitness training with the motivation and accountability
of a group setting. We've combined the latest exercise science with a dash of
old-school circuit training, creating a new concept in fitness that is fast becoming
the latest craze. Only this craze actually works!" explains East Valley Boot Camp
instructor Tom Lewandowski. East Valley Boot Camp was created to provide an
unconventional alternative to gyms and personal trainers; to engage groups of people
in challenging exercise, that not only builds a stronger body but develops
camaraderie with others and inner strength, too.

East Valley Boot Camp adapts to all ages and levels of fitness. From the beginner
to the advanced exerciser, the instructors meet you at your current fitness level
and work with you to improve and reach YOUR personal best. If you can't jump due to
a knee injury, adjustments are made or an alternate exercise is offered. Maybe you
can't run the first day or week, but if you just put forth the effort, East Valley
Boot Camp's instructors push you just enough to get the results you seek.
Participants are never asked to perform more than they are capable of doing, but
will be pushed to give their 100% (which varies from person to person). "Our Boot
Camp classes are not a competition with others; each session provides the
competitive dimension for each person to compete for his or her personal best,"
explains Lewandowski.

And age is definitely not a barrier for success. Some of East Valley Boot Camp's
most successful clients have been over age 50. Take Anne-Marie Tayler of Chandler
as an example. In just three short months, she shed over 35 lbs and dropped from a
size 16 to an 8! Tayler says, "I feel GREAT! I never want to gain the weight back
and I want to keep my health up. I have had high cholesterol for years- until now."
What an accomplishment for a woman who is 59 years young! Anne-Marie was a newbie
who had not been exercising prior to attending East Valley Boot Camp! Dwight Vettel
is another Chandler resident who rises early everyday to sweat it out at the 5:30am
class. He explains, "East Valley Boot Camp is one of the best things that has
happened to me. The Boot Camp, though tough and challenging, has been fun. It has
helped me to start getting into the best shape of my life since I was a senior in
high school. I\'m 52 now." Dwight is so dedicated; he often attends a morning and
afternoon class on the same day! Now that's discipline!

Boot Camp is not a fitness fad not for the faint of heart. Using well-designed,
progressive plans that are scaled to all levels of fitness, you'll become stronger,
fitter, leaner, and if you start now, just in time for your summer shorts and tank
tops! The military-style program -- a circuit of drills ranging from running and
jumping jacks to push-ups, squats, dips and crunches -- appeals to people with busy
schedules who need to pack a hard workout into a quick hour. East Valley Boot Camp
is working hard to make the fifties the new forties - keeping participants young and

East Valley Boot Camp has a convenient class schedule. Classes run Monday-Friday at
5:30am and Monday-Thursday at 4:15pm and 7:00pm. Register today for East Valley
Boot Camp classes online at www.eastvalleyBoot or call Kristi Larsen at

Web Site:

Contact Details: Phone 602-692-3242
Chandler Arizona

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