Chiropractor Says Every Business Needs A Coach

Released on: February 25, 2008, 1:54 am

Press Release Author: Dr. Vernon

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: Dr. Leonard Vernon a practicing chiropractor for over 30
years believes that if Tiger Woods, and Andre Agassi need coaches, then why
shouldn't business owners? More specifically chiropractic doctors.

Press Release Body: Mount Laurel,NJ,February,25,2008 -- Vernon, who has a successful
practice in New Jersey, says most chiropractors graduate school without ever having
one business course and if they did it was totally inadiquite, he believes that the
chiropractic colleges in the United States have done and continue to do a very poor
job in education future doctors in the nuances' of how to build a practice and
market effectively. "I've seen to many chiropractors go out of business after only
one year in practice, this is unacceptable, especially in an environment where
people are clamoring for alternatives to traditional medicine" Vernon said.

"The problem is that too many doctors think that they place ad in the newspaper and
say I'm open, here's my address and phone number." It just doesn't work that way
according to Vernon. There is a great deal of skill required in order to develop a
marketing plan that works, and this is where he comes in.

Vernon teaches or coaches as he says chiropractors from around the country how to
market their practices, how to increase the amount of new patients, how to get
referrals from existing patients and while this type of coaching in chiropractic is
not new, what is new is the pricing structure that Dr. Vernon has for coaching

Vernon believes that there are a good many practice building firms out there that
are taking advantage of the struggling doctors, he cites groups can charging as much
as $5000 for a weekend course or as much as $2000 a month. Vernon believes that
these fees are excessive and that it is purely a case of people taking advantage of
chiropractors who are struggling in practice.

Unlike other coach's, Dr. Vernon gives his clients one on one attention, other
coaching programs do only group conference calls, "I speak to my clients, each and
every on of them personally and frequently, if not on the telephone then via e-mail"
For his services Vernon charges just $100 a month. There are no contracts to sign,
no commitments, "I'm so sure that people will see that this is the best $100 a month
investment that they've mad that they will never leave"

In addition to the coaching program clients receive a monthly newsletter that is
complete and ready to go except for the clinic name and address. The newsletter is
personally written by Vernon and according to him the articles selected for the
newsletter have subliminal messages that are geared to get the reader to think with
a more open mind and perhaps question their medical care.

Dr. Vernon's next coaching class is scheduled for July; his January and May classes
have already sold out.
Vernon can be reached in his office at 856-222-1322 of via e-mail at
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