High Blood Pressure Home Remedies

Released on: February 20, 2008, 11:37 am

Press Release Author: waseem dar

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: Today, many of hypertension home remedies or natural remedies
are being proven to be sound and effective...not to mention safe and without side

Press Release Body: Fl, USA, Feb. 20, 2008..........If you can name a medical
problem, there is very likely some natural or home remedies that have been used for
centuries to treat it. People had all of the same kind of physical problems that we
have today a long time before the magic pills that our physicians prescribe for us
were invented.

Today, many of these home remedies or natural remedies are being proven to be sound
and effective...not to mention safe and without side effects. Garlic is a proven
natural remedy for keeping the high blood pressure. In the past people used to grow
garlic to use it as a food item to control their blood pressure. Today, of course,
you can buy garlic pills in any health food store. And guess what -- they do lower
blood pressure!

Hawthorn berries are another natural or home remedy for high blood pressure and to
treat heart problems like heart failure that has been around for a very long time.
Hawthorn berries are a tall flowering shrub with beautiful white flowers. The plant
is beautiful and it smells good, but there are also vicious thorns on the stems. (It
is rumored that these are the thorns that were used to make the crown of thorns that
was placed on Jesus\' head at the crucifixion.)

Fish oil is another home remedy that has been used to treat high blood pressure and
heart problems for centuries. Fish oil contains DHA (docohexaenoic acid). DHA is
known to lower blood pressure.

There are dozens of other home remedies and natural remedies on the market for
lowering blood pressure. The most important thing to remember is that you need to
keep a close watch on your blood pressure. Have it checked regularly. An other
invaluable piece is to take exercise regularly as exercise helps keep the blood
pressure going too high. Christian Goodman has released a great audio ebook which
reveals some amazing exercises to keep the high blood pressure under control. This
ebook has gained much popularity among the sufferer\'s of high blood pressure. For
more details about the ebook visit his website at

Web Site: http://high-blood-pressure.articalz.com

Contact Details: Waseem Dar

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