Honey in the Medicine Cabinet

Released on: February 9, 2008, 10:19 pm

Press Release Author: Frank Buonanotte / Honeymark

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: Manuka Honey is now being used as a main ingredient in health
care products as a powerful healing agent.

Press Release Body: Honey has been used for centuries to treat a wide variety of
medical conditions such as wounds, burns, skin ulcers and scrapes. Now researchers
around the world are finding strong antibacterial and antimicrobial properties in
certain types of honey.

Medical professions began taking honey less seriously as a wound dressing when
antibiotic dressings were invented during World War II. However, with new research
and the rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, this old folk remedy is finding its
way into new health care products as a medicinal ingredient.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (Australia\'s equivalent of the U.S. Food and
Drug Administration) has approved honey as a medicine. A company based out of Long
Island, New York called Honeymark is utilizing a special type of honey called
\"Manuka Honey\" in their health care products and achieving tremendous results.
Honeymark has developed health care products that are effective in treating health
conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, arthritis, ringworm and wounds, all containing
Manuka Honey as a healing agent.

\"Manuka Honey helps wounds in several ways,\" says Frank Buonanotte, CEO of Honeymark
International. \"Its thickness provides a protective barrier preventing the wound
from becoming infected. Hydrogen peroxide is produced in a slow-release manner,
killing germs in the wound bed. Manuka Honey has also been found to reduce
inflammation, providing a certain level of reduction in pain.\" Many studies in both
animals and humans have documented these benefits mentioned by Buonanotte.

Researchers have also found special bacteria-killing properties in Manuka Honey made
from the nectar of the tea tree (Leptospermum) which is also known as the manuka
bush, indigenous to New Zealand. Beekeepers set their hives close to manuka bushes
so the bees will gather their nectar. Scientists have found that this particular
type of honey is especially effective in destroying MRSA (staphylococcus aureus).
\"Staph infections sometimes survive the most potent antibiotics, becoming fatal if
entered into the bloodstream. However, Manuka Honey has worked in severe cases
where nothing else had worked,\" says Buonanotte.

So far, studies have found no negative side effects when using Manuka Honey for
medical purposes. Experts say that infants should not eat honey of any kind because
of the risk of botulism. However, the use of Manuka Honey, topically on the skin,
presents no health concern.

For more information or to purchase Manuka Honey products, call 1-866-427-7329 or
visit www.HoneymarkProducts.com.

Web Site: http://www.HoneymarkProducts.com

Contact Details: Honeymark International, LLC
P.O. Box 133
Eastport, NY 11941

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