Life Weight Loss Centre (LWLC) is an Excellent Treatment Centre for any Obesity Related Problems

Released on: February 13, 2008, 1:17 am

Press Release Author: Deepthi Kumar

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: Life Weight Loss centre provides full support for obesity
patients by giving excellent, safe and effective weight-loss surgery, comprehensive
pre- and post-operative education and ongoing aftercare treatment

Press Release Body: Dr. Durmush of Life Weight Loss Centre, Sydney Australia,
specializes in treating obese patients with safe and effective weight loss
surgeries. His special interest includes general, laparoscopic, cosmetic and obesity
surgery. With a highly trained team of surgeons, nurses, nutritionists, exercise
therapists and psychologists, Life Weight Loss Centre are able to provide patients
with an efficient weight-loss surgery.

Non Surgical obesity treatments at Life Weight Loss Centre including proper dieting,
good exercise by expert exercise therapists, medication, hypnosis and acupuncture.
According to recent research non surgical methods of weight reduction help patients
to lose only 10% of excess weight which is regained within a few years. To over come
from this disadvantage Life Weight Loss Centre suggests surgical weight loss
treatment options including intragastric balloon, laparoscopic gastric banding,
laparoscopic sleeve (tube) gastrectomy and biliopancreatic bypass.

The main advantages of LWLC are, they are aware of patient's goal to reduce weight
may not be fully achieved with a gastric banding or sleeve gastrectomy, however with
a proper exercise program, added to surgery, will certainly helps in maximize weight

After achieving your goal weight, LWLC have the expertise to assess cosmetic surgery
needs associated with weight loss, such as trimming of excessive skin, tummy tucks
combined with liposuction (a procedure unique to this practice) and breast lifts and

Web Site:

Contact Details: Life Weight Loss Centre
171-173 Macquarie street
Sydney NSW 2000

Tel: 02 9826 4111
1300 669 259
Fax: 02 9826 4113


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