Low-cost and Free Prescription Help and Information Provided on Web Site for Seniors

Released on: February 18, 2008, 10:15 pm

Press Release Author: ThatPRGuy.com

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: People over 50 are able to find information on low-cost and
free prescription programs on a web site that provides identity theft protection and
does not ask for personal information. The free health care information is easy to
obtain without computer experience.

Press Release Body: Bloomfield, MI - Free prescriptions and information on the many
ways to lower drug prescription costs can be found with a simple click of the mouse
on a web site designed to meet the needs of adults over 50.

People over 50 often find themselves in need of prescriptions that can take a major
portion of their budget, and this web site offers help to reduce those costs. It
also makes it easy for people with little or no computer experience to find the
information they need.

The only skill needed to obtain information at http://www.50PlusWebHealth.com is the
ability to use a mouse to point and click. Just move the cursor over the topic of
interest and click. The desired information will then appear. There is no need to
provide any personal information, so there is no risk of identity theft, so
concerned seniors have no need to worry.

Seniors have limited budgets, and the need for expensive prescriptions creates a
tremendous burden. The information provided is invaluable because it can reduce or
even eliminate the cost of expensive prescriptions, according to web site founder
William Person.

"Seniors do not know where to turn for help, and they do not trust web sites that
ask for personal information. I created this web site to make it easy to find what
they need without any computer training or experience, and without the need to give
their name or other personal information," said Person.

The site provides valuable research and information about the many programs
available to lower or eliminate drug prescription costs. It would take hours, or
even days for most people to research and find the information on their own. All the
information from various drug companies, news articles, government programs,
insurance, Medicare, and other resources are all on one page. Just click on the
topic and the details appear.

About 50PlusWebHealth:
William Person of Bloomfield, MI created 50PlusWebHealth.com to provide older adults
with quick easy access to important health information without the need to reveal
personal information of any kind.

Web Site: http://50PlusWebHealth.com

Contact Details: William Person

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