`Make Your Kids Rich` Affiliate Marketing Partnership For Parents Launched By Primax Ventures, LLC

Released on: March 12, 2008, 2:42 am

Press Release Author: Jamie Markizan

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: Primax Ventures LLC announces the official launch of the
"Make Your Kids Rich "affiliate program. Parents who sign up at this time will
receive a 40% sales commission on all sales generated from the sale of the highly
successful and popular Make Your Kids Rich educational and motivational system

Press Release Body: Affiliate program offers parents sizeable commissions for sales
of the popular educational and motivational series for children

(Baltimore, Md. March 3, 2007) The Make Your Kids Rich System is a series of eight
instructional volumes, two CD's, eight downloadable CD's and a multitude of other
bonus products, with valuable information and time-tested strategies that teach
children how to be personally and financially successful at a young age.

Primax Ventures founder and CEO Mark Luterman, an accomplished CPA and financial
advisor and successful entrepreneur created the Make Your Kids Rich system. In
addition to spending 11 years in public accounting roles, Mr. Luterman has founded
and sold companies in the homecare products industry and is currently co-founder and
CEO of Word Smith Media Ventures LLC t/a Press Box, an emerging sports media and
publishing company.

Within the Make Your Kids Rich system, children are provided a blueprint to achieve
personal and financial success. They learn how to exude self-confidence and become
an entrepreneurial leader, start and operate their own company, create an effective
business plan and improve their interviewskills to get ahead in school and business.
Additionally, the Make Your Kids Rich system provides dozens of real moneymaking
ideas from which children can choose and implement now.

The eight volume, two CD and eight downloadable CD series in the Make Your Kids Rich
System features titles including, 5 Keys That Will Unlock Your Doors To Success,
Interviewing Made Easy and The Secrets To Starting Your Own Company, among others.

In announcing the new affiliate marketing partnership offer for the Make Your Kids
Rich educational system, Mr. Luterman said, "We were continually being asked by
parents and grandparents how they can make additional money as well. So coupled with
the incredible demand for our products, we created an easy and lucrative program for
parents and grandparents to earn unlimited compensation from the comfort of their
own home".

In order to take advantage of this offer, parents and grandparents are asked to go
to www.makeyourkidsrich.com, sign-up for a free membership and proceed to the link
"affiliate earnings".

Primax Ventures LLC was founded in 2007 and is based in Baltimore, Md. The company
develops educational systems and materials to improve leadership skills, business
acumen, entrepreneurialism and safety for children and to create a process for
parents and their children to work and spend quality time together.

Web Site: www.makeyourkidsrich.com

Contact Details: Contact:
Jamie Markizan,

Vice President, Primax Ventures, LLC,

Phone: 215-825-7461,

Email: jamie@makeyourkidsrich.com,

Name of the City: Reisterstown

Country: USA

Address with Pin code: Primax Ventures, LLC.
P.O. Box 800, Reisterstown,
Maryland 21136,

Phone Contact Number: 888-989-5522

Fax Number: 215-689-4438

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