`Uncovering Your Dreams` free 5 step ecourse now available at Aspirations Plus

Released on: March 8, 2008, 10:30 pm

Press Release Author: Jeanne May

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: This free 5 step e-course is designed to help people:
remember their dreams, reclaim their dreams, and to teach people how to dream.

Press Release Body: Each person at some stage in their life has dreamt about doing
or becoming something. Having dreams is a normal part of life. Some people easily
remember their dreams, others have forgotten what their dream is, and others don\'t
know to dream.

Turning a dream into a reality is a defining and life changing moment. This free
e-course is intended as the first part of the process of turning a dream into a

Through a series of steps, subscribers to this free e-course will be guided on an
inner journey to find their dream, to describe it, to reclaim it, and then decide if
this is the dream they want to turn into a reality.

The e-course comprises of 5 steps:

Step 1, e-course participant will be guided to remember their dream and will learn
how to dream
Step 2 is about describing the dream
Step 3 examines the reasons for and the \"why\" of the dream
Step 4 provides techniques to see the dream
and in Step 5 the decision is made as to what next for the dream.

Each step comprises of information and a series of questions. These are delivered
in PDF format and arrive approximately 2 days apart.

The ecourse is free and available at

For more information, contact Jeanne May at http://www.aspirationsplus.com
or http://www.goalsnaspirations.com

Web Site: http://www.aspirationsplus.com

Contact Details: Jeanne May
PO box 257
Western Australia

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