Released on: March 19, 2008, 4:28 am

Press Release Author: gadhania1

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: Hair Replacement is a preventive measure to
hair fall, thinning or appearing in large amounts on the comb or brush. Hair
transplant is one such remedial measure to prevent hair loss. It includes hair
removal from donor areas to be replaced in the parts of head that is in short of
hair. 100% of the hair replacement techniques have become popular worldwide thus
giving the hair a fabulous look.


Hair and Compounds, Inc offers custom made hair replacement
solutions for men, women and children. Free access to Hair and
Compounds website gives detailed instructions to care and
maintenance of the hair along with marketing of human hair. The
site broken down by categories, offers users the opportunity to
know more about the products, types of hair, advantages and
research articles related to hair and many more.

Hair Replacement, a remedy for people who notice hair falling out,
thinning, or appearing in large amounts on their comb or brush is
proving itself to greater heights by making hair look totally natural
and fresh. Hair loss mainly occurs due to the major reasons of
improper chemical treatments, hereditary thinning or balding and
aging. Hair Replacement Techniques acts as a better preventive
measure to solve these problems. Some of the popular hair replacement
options involve the surgical methods in cases of severe balding and
the non-surgical methods in cases of light balding.

Most people prefer the undetectable hair replacement methods such as the
usage of "Wigs". Some other ancient hair oils prevent the hair loss. But
people of today's world try choosing out the most modern techniques.
They feel that their hair looks most fabulous even on breezy day while
walking along the beaches.

Hair Transplantation is a permanent hair replacement solution and
helps people suffering from hair loss. The technique involves
choosing of the area on the back and sides of the head that contains
healthy hair follicles. Sufficient donor hair is needed for
successful hair transplantation. A small section of the tissue is
removed from the donor area and is then dissected under magnification
into individual hair follicular units. They are then placed into bald
or thinning hair areas thus creating a soft, natural look.

Though, usage of Wigs and some of the popular hair replacement
techniques helps prevent much hair loss, some cons are to be
considered. It involves hot feel on the scalp due to usage of wigs,
Wig-fall causing embarrassment in public places, hair replacements
done by inexperienced stylists and many more may result in the an
unexpected look and damage the hair to the core.

But 100% of the hair replacement techniques have always become popular
and famous. People are being completely satisfied and also recommend
about these techniques to their friends and colleagues.

Thus, choosing any of the popular Hair replacement techniques makes
people feel that it is one of the best decisions they have made in
their life. Most rewards go to the famous hair technicians who work
with people to create the look that makes people feel like a new
person and a gratifying moment of their life.

Web Site: http://www.haircompounds.com

Contact Details: 7820 Bernet Avenue,Van Nuys, California - 91405 , United States

Ph: 001-818-9978810

Fax: 001-818-9978860

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