Released on: March 19, 2008, 11:22 pm

Press Release Author: huritisi

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: The hair extension tool is one of the most
beauty adding material to the hair. It carries out the function of a lock of hair to
be extended so that the extension made looks very similar to the original hair. Some
tools involved in this technique are the poly extension, hair fusion iron, pliers,
hooks, straighteners and a lot more. People feel that usage of these hair extension
tools result in long hair styles and are best suitable for on the go girls.

Press Release Body:
Hair and Compounds.com, one of the largest hair processing units produces
extension stores for genuine human hair and professional extension tools.
Unlike most internet retail companies, Hair and Compounds.com, the
largest supplier to the film industry serves with the highest productions
of premium Russian hair and Russian virgin pretipped hair extensions.
Hair Extension tool, a god-gifted tool for people in need of long hair
has always created remarkable footprints in the beauty industry. These
tools have always been a great advantage for people with thinning hair.
The usage of these hair extension tools creates better styles that are
best for on the go girls who spend less time but desire to have a
pleasing look.
Hair Extension is a wonderful art that would challenge the skills as well
as reward people with increased earnings in styling business. The hair
extension tool performs the function of a lock of hair to be extended so
that the extension made looks much similar to the original hair and
doesn't give a unique look. The tools involved in hair extension includes
hair extension iron, hair straightener, pliers, hooks, hair extension
clips, hair connector iron, hair fusion iron, poly extension and many
more. Most famous manufacturers supply customers with the benefittable
hair extension tool kit to extend hair in the home.

Use of hair gels, Colors or dyes to the extensions made, add much
beauty and fit people in a glamorous and a fresh look. Headbands,
Ponytails can be tried to some of the hair extensions that add up much
beauty to the individual.Clip-ons are becoming much more popular as
they are easy to attach and remove, involve less tugging, plugging and
no chemicals.

Though hair extension is a beauty- adding material, it may cause damage
to the natural hair. In some cases, there have been reports of headache,
extra pressure to the scalp and much more.

Hair extension tools are a huge self-esteem booster. Most people feel
that hair extension tools create beautiful long hair styles instantly and
provide with great hair pieces. People feel much impressed about the fast
delivery of the hair extension tool kits and other services offered.
There's no doubt that people would buy and get to know more stuff about
the popular hair extension methods, tools and make a great way to go in
the forthcoming days.

Web Site: http://www.haircompounds.com/

Contact Details: 7820 Bernet Avenue,Van Nuys, California - 91405 , United States

Ph: 001-818-9978810

Fax: 001-818-9978860

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