Biggest Loser`s Bernie reveals sleeping arrangements, St Patty`s plans and his lesson for Jillian to Diets In Review

Released on: March 14, 2008, 3:55 am

Press Release Author: Brandi Koskie

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: Bernie\'s interview with Diets In Review reveals he\'s just as
nice as the show makes him out to be, how he and Brittany managed sleeping
arrangements in those early days and what his advice is for trainer Jillian

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New York,NY,MARCH,14,2008 -- This personal interview with one of Biggest Loser\'s
most beloved contestants can only be seen at Diets In Review.

Bernie Salazar was interviewed for the Diets In Review Diet Column and shared his
experiences both on the Biggest Loser campus and now at home. He was eliminated in
week 10 of Biggest Loser and narrowly missed a chance to return to the show by only
two pounds the next night.

During the interview Bernie clearly displays that charming personality that made
fans everywhere fall for him on the show. He talks about some of the more memorable
experiences on the ranch- like sleeping arrangements for he and teammate Brittany,
winning $2500 cash and his plans for it, and what\'s so appealing about that cupcake
that was named for him. Bernie even tells Diets In Review how many of those Bernie\'s
Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes he\'s indulged in since leaving the ranch. \"It\'s definitely
calling to me,\" he said.

Since returning home, Bernie says he\'s found all the support he\'d hoped for and
expected from his family and friends. His exercise plan hasn\'t varied too far from
what he\'d committed to at the Biggest Loser ranch, and he\'s even improved on his
grocery shopping habits. Admitting that the super healthy way they eat at Biggest
Loser is \"very expensive\", he shares how he\'s made it affordable to stick to eating
fresh, healthy and organic as much as possible and how anyone can do it once they
learn how.

While embracing his new-found fame, and calling it an \"honor\" for the opportunity,
you can tell that Bernie is excited about returning to life in Chicago with his
girlfriend and beloved dog, who he promised to buy a gold chain.

You can read the complete interview with Bernie at Diets In Review, and learn all he
reveals about the Biggest Loser.
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