Help from Health Care Web Site for Adults Over 50

Released on: March 9, 2008, 11:00 pm

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Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: Adults who are 50 and over are making resolutions for the new
year with help to keep health care goals at a web site designed with their specific
needs in mind. The site is user friendly and free to use.

Press Release Body: Bloomfield, MI - Weight loss, getting in shape with exercise and
fitness programs, better nutrition, saving money on health care costs, annual health
exams, and other health care concerns are foremost on the minds of adults over 50 as
they set goals for new year resolutions.

Keeping those resolutions may be a challenge, but now there is help through a health
care web site designed specifically to meet the concerns and needs of seniors. The
site is located at

"Most of us have good intentions when we make new year resolutions, but without the
right information and support we often find that the best intentions are not enough
to accomplish the goals. Not only can you find the help needed to actually achieve
better health in the new year, but you can do it without computer skills and without
giving any personal information," explained William Person, creator of the web site.

One visit to 50PlusWebHealth and it is obvious that all the most common health
concerns for people over 50 are covered. It is also very simple to find the desired
information without any computer training or skills. Just point and click, without
the need to enter personal information or register. There is no security risk, and
it is very easy to find what is needed.

Surveys show that each new year most adults set resolutions related to health, but
shortly after the start of the new year most people have already failed to keep
their resolution goals.

"We make it easier because there are so many forms of support and help for people to
use, but they cannot easily find them all on their own. We have done all the
exhaustive research and complied everything in one place to make it simple and easy
to find. Plus, it is free, so you can't beat that," said Person.

About 50PlusWebHealth:
William Person of Bloomfield, MI created to provide older adults
with quick easy access to important health information without the need to reveal
personal information of any kind.

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