Malaria New Hope For The Number 2 Biggest Killer By Infection On The Planet

Released on: March 30, 2008, 4:49 pm

Press Release Author: Charlie Wildish

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: Malaria is the second biggest cause of death by infection on
Earth. Trials in both Africa and the USA demonstrate a cure for full blown malaria
in an average of 5 days.

Press Release Body: , whilst in Africa it is number 1, claiming 5 million victims
per year. In adults if often reoccurs, whilst the resistance diminishes over time.
Malaria primarily kills the elderly, pregnant women and children. It is caused by
the protozoan parasite and spread by mosquitoes in the tropical and sub-tropical
regions. To add insult to injury, it is usually the poorest people that are at most

Felix Andam is a native Ghanaian, where nearly 14 million of his countrymen live in
poverty unable to afford adequate food or medicine. Whilst studying in the USA, he
was introduced to the health benefits of a new advanced colloidal silver solution
that is so new the patent is still pending. Felix started taking this advanced
silver solution and has not been ill in 5 years. Rather than using large suspended
silver particles (which can cause argyria as a side effect) or attaching the silver
particle to a molecule to help it maintain an ionic charge (ionic silver solution);
this advanced silver solution use tiny engineered nano particles which have an ionic
charge without the need for being part of a larger particle. The tiny particles (10
nanometers in length) are unable to stay permanently in the body, negating the risk
of argyria. The combination of tiny particles and ionic charge means that the new
advanced silver solution is more effective than older counterparts at much lower
concentrations and is completely non toxic to the body.

Felix tested it on his family members when he visited Ghana. The results so
impressed him that began to work toward making this advanced colloidal silver
available to the poor people of his home country. Felix's main goal though, was to
alleviate the suffering caused by malaria. In trials which Felix over-saw, 100% of
those suffering from malaria, returned to work within 3 to 5 days of receiving this
new advanced silver solution.

But Felix is far from being alone in promoting the new advanced silver solution
against malaria. In 2005 the US Congress invited American Biotech Labs (the
manufacturer), to testify before a Congressional Committee. Keith Moeller, Vice
President of American Biotech Labs says that they were "asked to go and testify
before a Congressional committee because of the fact that we had PROVEN that our
product would cure full blown malaria in an average of 5 days". Keith is very proud
of his company's product and keen to emphasise the amount of intensive testing
conducted and hard scientific evidence produced by his company. He recommends his
company's new silver solution as "a first line of defense" for everybody to keep in
their home.

Dr R Leavitt, Professor of Molecular Biology & Microbiology, Brigham Young
University, also said of this advanced silver solution that, "to date, there are no
potentially pathogenic bacteria tested that . . . [this] product has not killed".

Dr Paul Carlton, former US Air Force Surgeon General wrote that this advanced
colloidal silver solution, "has shown to be a proven wide spectrum
anti-microbial/bio-decontaminant . . that can be used to increase the safety and
functionality of healthcare facilities in the event of a bio-terror attack or
infectious disease outbreak such as SARS.
"In short, we currently do not have anything with such a wide spectrum of efficacy .
. . in our inventory".

The comments submitted by Professor Leavitt and Dr Carlton's about the new colloidal
silver solutions effectiveness against a wide spectrum of pathogens are further
supported by Felix Andam's malaria trial. Apart from the dramatic results against
malaria, the trial also showed amazing success with parasites, sexually transmitted
diseases and skin infections. Felix Andam said, "I believe in silver 100%" and that
"Silver changes lives".

The new silver solution is also a very cheap way to treat malaria, cutting out the
need for expensive drugs. It is produced with extremely low concentrations of
silver, just 14 parts per million making it totally safe and non-toxic.

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