Organic Mattresses Might Help Cure Sleep Problems

Released on: March 14, 2008, 4:46 am

Press Release Author: Lisa Jackson

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: To coincide with National Bed Month, on-line organic
lifestyle superstore buyOrganics ( asks us to consider - could
sleep problems be resolved by swapping to an organic mattress?

Press Release Body: In the last few months, rumours of a recession and our hectic
lifestyles are raising the nation's stress levels, with more and more of us
susceptible to sleep problems and insomnia. In fact, it is thought that one in five
people suffer from lack of sleep, and with the average human spending one third of
their life in bed it is no surprise that sleep remedies and gadgets are on the
increase - but do they really work? The Sleep Council recommends several self-help
methods of ensuring a full quota of sleep without resorting to prescription
medicines, including cutting out caffeine and alcohol, removing televisions from the
bedroom, exercising during the day and doing simple relaxation exercises. They
also advise making the bed itself as comfortable as possible. But - did you know,
what your mattress is actually made of could also be affecting your sleep?

buyOrganics' Sonia Kalia-Sagoo explains: "Organic mattresses are made from materials
which have been created by traditional farming methods, thereby avoiding the use of
highly toxic fertilisers, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides, which would
otherwise leave residues in the final product. Organic mattresses are made with
100% unbleached untreated cotton, coir (coconut) and wool products, meaning no
health risks to the sleeper. Sleep disturbances have been linked with exposure to
such toxic chemicals, as well as skin allergies such as eczema, so it is
particularly important for example, for babies to sleep on organic bedding."

Most of us would agree that avoiding chemical contamination is of paramount
importance, so choosing an organic mattress and bedding can significantly reduce
that exposure, particularly those people with existing sensitivities. As well as
being safer for the end user, organic products are less harmful to the environment
and for the growers and workers harvesting the crops, meaning that choosing an
organic mattress will not only be healthful for yourself, but an ethical choice as

During March for National Bed Month, buyOrganics is offering a 10% discount on
Ababca organic mattresses.

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Contact Details: buyOrganics
54 Broadcroft Avenue
07852 906 458

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