WaterHealth International Announces Agreement with LV Prasad Eye Institute for Four WaterHealth Centres

Released on: March 19, 2008, 3:31 am

Press Release Author: Sheela Panicker

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: Unveils First in Kismatpur

Press Release Body: Hyderabad, India, 19th March 2008: WaterHealth India, (WHIN) a
subsidiary of WaterHealth International, Inc. (WHI) today announced the launch of a
WaterHealth Centres at the LV Prasad Eye Institute (LVPEI) facility in Kismatpur.
WaterHealth also announced that LVPEI, India's leading Eye Care, Clinical Research
and Academic Institution, will use WaterHealth systems in its [Bubhaneshwar,
Vishkhapatnam and Hyderabad] locations.

"We are extremely proud that a notable organization such as LVPEI has chosen to join
forces with WaterHealth," said Dr. Tralance Addy, CEO of WaterHealth International.
"LV Prasad Eye Institute and WaterHealth are united in our commitment to providing
top quality products and services in a manner affordable to everyone."

"Improving the quality of life and health by providing clean and safe water has been
WaterHealth's foremost priority," said Sudesh Menon, CEO of WaterHealth India. "We
have installed nearly 200 WaterHealth Centres in India to date, but this is the
first to be sited at a health related facility and we believe this is significant.
We hope to emulate this model in many more health care institutions, both in India
and elsewhere."

"Blindness and water borne diseases are both serious, public health problems with
global impact," said Dr. G N Rao, Chairman of the LVPEI. "We feel that LVPEI and
WaterHealth complement each other as they focus on research and developing
sustainable and viable solutions for improving quality of life."

Approximately two billion people worldwide have little or no access to safe
drinking water. Millions of people around the globe rely on ponds, streams,
and other exposed and untreated sources for their drinking water. Infectious
waterborne organisms cause billions of diarrheal illnesses and millions of related
deaths around the world each year. Often, infants and children are the hardest hit.

WaterHealth facilities provide the highest quality potable water, meeting the clean
water needs of communities, with low overall cost of installation and operation.
They incorporate an award-winning ultraviolet disinfection technology, UV
WaterworksT, designed by the acclaimed scientist and India native Dr. Ashok Gadgil.
The technology is energy efficient, and effective against a broad range of microbial
pathogens and viruses that can be found in water.

WHI has nearly 650 installations of its water purification and
disinfection systems around the world. For more than two years, WHIN has
been providing sustainable, low-cost, community-based water systems to rural
villages in India. During this time, the company has installed nearly 200 systems
in India, with the capacity to serve approximately 1.6 million persons.

About WaterHealth International
WaterHealth International, Inc. provides innovative business solutions to one of the
world's most desperate health crises, the lack of safe, clean and affordable water
for the more than two billion people who have little or no access to it. WHI's
award winning water purification and disinfection technology, combined with creative
and unique business approaches, enable the delivery of highly affordable, clean
water to even the most remote and underserved communities. WHI invests in health
and hygiene education programs as part of its normal business practices to combat
waterborne diseases in the communities it serves. WHI's website is

PR Contact for WaterHealth India
Sheela Panicker
enRight Media Relations



Web Site: http://waterhealth.com

Contact Details: RK Nagar, Hyderabad
98498 09594 / 98851 09594

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