Weight Loss Formula Pi2 Positioned to Displace Hoodia

Released on: March 19, 2008, 4:00 am

Press Release Author: Lezlie Leier and Lisa Leier

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: "Natural Appetite Suppressant Pi2 Positioned to Displace
Hoodia in the Diet Industry!"

Press Release Body: Weight Loss Formula Pi2, the natural appetite suppressant has
launched with exceptional rave reviews from customers, and now it is positioned to
displace Hoodia as an exceptional all natural appetite suppressant. Pi2 is not only
a great appetite suppressant its user friendly soft chew has received rave reviews
from its users.

Pi2 was created solely with the dieter's best interest in mind. By creating a
product that is easily taken in its tasty chewy form, with the ability to suppress
the appetite without the jittery feelings oftentimes associated with appetite
suppressants is phenomenal. "The dieting industry is full of consumers looking for
weight loss enhancement products, without posing health risks," says Lezlie Leier
CEO of L&L Technologies. Weight Loss Formula Pi2 is making waves in the dieting

Weight Loss Formula Pi2 is designed as a supplement that works well with any food
program or diet and exercise program one may be following. It combats the enemy
all people trying to change their lifestyles face, hunger. The soft chew is also a
customer favorite, as it beats trying to swallow a pill. The soft chew is tasty and
immediately begins to work in controlling hunger. Having a weight loss formula that
suppresses the appetite without the unwanted side effects is just what dieters are
looking for. More information about this wondrous product is available on the
website, www.formulapi2.com

More Information About Lezlie Leier and Pi2:
L&L Technologies LLC is a company formed by two Colorado sisters who want to make a
difference in people's lives. Lisa Leier-McHugh and Lezlie Leier decided to take
their scientific training and business acumen and try to address the epidemic of
obesity at its roots. "We are just eating too many calories, too much processed
foods, portions are too large and in turn that is making all of US too large" says
CEO of L&L Technologies LLC, Lezlie Leier. "We call it portion -out-of-control, and
my sister and I decided to invent weight loss formula Pi2T to help combat cravings
and the hunger that many dieters feel" Weight Loss Formula Pi2T combats several
issues in one such as; pill fatigue, Calcium deficiency and chronic hunger which
many dieters struggle with. The product is presented in a soft chew format that is
really quite delicious, as well as super convenient for those with a busy life

Contact details
Lezlie Leier
LL Technologies
T: (800) 913-8464
E: Lezlie@lltechnologies.com
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Web Site: http://www.formulapi2.com

Contact Details: L&L Technologies LLC.
8139 Oxford Rd
City: Niwot
State: Colorado
Country: USA
Zip : 80503
Phone: 303-888-5033 / 303-520-4877

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