Alcohol Detoxification Industry Gets An Expansion

Released on: April 19, 2008, 3:59 pm

Press Release Author: Thomas Sean

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: The knowledge currently held on alcohol detoxification is now
being upgraded as the result of new studies and resources- meaning a better
likelihood that the detoxification process goes well for recovering alcoholics.

Press Release Body: Recovering alcoholics can attest that recovering from an alcohol
addiction is no easy feat- especially when going through the detoxification process. has unveiled new sources of knowledge for recovering
alcoholics, so as to increase the success rate of such detoxification processes.

The reason detoxification is such a hard process to overcome is because of the
physical and mental withdrawals that come from alcohol recovery. seeks to give recovering alcoholics new information to
best help get through the process due to findings in new studies.

The resource also seeks to expel myths and find truth in recovery techniques.
Because the withdrawal process is indeed different from one person to the next, one
thing doesn't always work for everyone. realizes this,
and expands on the idea by giving general knowledge on the subject while still
remaining specific enough to cater to each individual.

The findings of the new resource are well laid out in an organized manner- meaning
hopeful alcohol addicts can get the information they need fast. The fact that the
resource is free compounds the worth of the website, which has quick become an
industry leader on the subject of detoxification.

The future holds much promise for the hopeful recovering alcoholic. Resources such a only seek to prove this fact with free resources to help
the common addict.

Web Site:

Contact Details: Thomas Sean
Addiction Institute
1590 NE 162nd Street
North Miami Beach, FL 33162

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