New Addiction Help To Be Provided Over The Internet

Released on: April 19, 2008, 10:54 am

Press Release Author: Sean Thomas

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: Finally, addicts have an easier way to obtain the help they
need with their addiction problem.

Press Release Body: A resource has unveiled a free knowledge base for hopeful or
recovering addicts. The resource,, has become a staple in the addiction
help industry.

In response to competitors who charge addicts money for valuable addiction help, instead offers the content free. Such generosity has propelled the
website ahead of competing informational websites. prides itself in
creating a free community resource in which anyone with an Internet connection can
take part in.

Perhaps most helpful among the slew of features that launches with the web resource
is the fact that visitors can subscribe to what is called an RSS feed. This "feed"
is a simple tool that allows readers to be updated when new addiction or recovery
information comes out. As new addiction treatments come to light, it would be useful
for addicts to subscribe to this feed so they are the first to know.

The website even goes as far as to providing readers a way of communicating with
other users. Under an intriguing comment system, addicts or recovered addicts can
share and help each other in ways they previously couldn't. Such functionality is
vital for addicts to mingle and help each other in the struggle.

In regards to future developments, the resource at seeks to improve
their knowledgebase and to further extend their helpful resources to addicts looking
for bias-free help. For addicts who are looking for help in their specific area,
whether it be drugs or alcohol, the prospect of expansion gives such addicts of all
types a better way to seek help.

Web Site:

Contact Details: Thomas Sean
Addiction Institute
1590 NE 162nd Street
North Miami Beach, FL 33162

hone Number: 800-559-9503

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